Product Samples, and NO HEAT

My husband is Strange! That is nothing more than a disclaimer for the following information about him, and his weird habits.

What do you when you are bored, and it is cold, and you have a laptop and TV recorded to watch when you don't have to go to work??? Well if you ask Dru, the answer to that is simple. You order FREE samples online. Now if you know me and my love of getting mail, I would not be against this habit of his...I confess that I have also done it before so it is not that I am criticizing what he did.

It is WHAT he received in the mail today that I am concerned about, and a little bit disturbed.

Here is the setting for this

Dru yelling from upstairs "Mail's HERE"

Me: Super excited because I think that I have gotten something cool, and well it is only 1pm and the mail came. Gosh, that is a miracle in its own since the mail does not usually come until 3pm. Run up the stairs to check out the mail, because SURELY I have gotten mail, I ALWAYS get mail.

Dru: A huge grin on his face. "you did not get anything, but look what I got".......Holds up a package of DEPENDS diapers for adults.....Check out my free sample :), don't worry honey I registered you for a pair too!!!

O wow, he is a weird one. But that is one of the reasons that I love him, Right???

Now to the second part of this blog, that has gotten pretty long, and I should be working.

NO HEAT! Yes you read that right, we live in the frozen tundra and I survived last night without our heater running. We had our home inspected yesterday so we can go ahead with the buying process, and the inspector had some pretty bad news.

"Your furnace is broken!!!!, there has been a crack in it, it is REALLY REALLY old and there are DANGEROUS, DEADLY levels of Carbon Monoxide that could have been seeping into your house, and well you could of passed out and died"!!!!

Imagine my face, and the shock that he told us not to use it. Me not use my heat?? Recall previous posts about snow, and realize that I am from CA, this truly is not happening in my house...

I survived thankfully...With LOTS of wine (come on Kristen, you know that I could not post without mentioning WINE). The new furnace arrived around 10am, and is STILL being installed. Gosh is he done yet? I just want heat. Okay it is really not that cold here lately (50's) but still. I love my heater.

Long story short, we are still purchasing the house, the furnace got replaced, I drink too much wine, and Dru is WEIRD...

Maybe I could drink a lot of wine and wear my depends so I did not have to go to the bathroom from all the liquid that I drank? Just a thought :)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Got to luv ya both. I think you were late in writing today. but guess ya do have to work. love ya mom.ps make sure it is good wine not the cheap stuff. thenya wont get a head ache.

  2. Love it!!!!!! I almost ordered free samples today too...not depends but zip lock bags.