Crisis-Halloween Costumes

What are you going to dress up as for Halloween??? Normally (or I guess not normally for everyone) I would have a costume, or some outfit figured out by now, It is Wednesday and Halloween is a few days away. I mean, I have candy already, shouldn't I have a costume?

Well I don't! And it is not like I am doing anything other than passing out candy, but it would still be fun to have a costume. I remember back to the days of college where any thing would work as a costume. My roommate dressed up as a Zebra?? I think, and vaguely remember her running/walking/galloping down Cuesta Drive making really weird noises...Because that is what Zebras do right? Or when any sort of bra/top that made your boobs look fantastic and some short shorts were a costume. Because you have to put "sexy" in front of everything on Halloween when you are in college. For example "sexy firefighter", "sexy Pilot" you get the point.

And for reference I am not saying that I want to go nakedish for Halloween (except Dru did mention he wanted to be a nudist......??? That might scare the kids away) I am just saying, what do 23yr old married women with no kids and no party in the frozen tundra dress up like????

Girls at Cal Poly would freeze their exposed parts off if they went traipsing out like that here (gosh I would NEVER wear a slutty costume (hopefully there is no evidence of my college days?)

Maybe I just won't dress up at all....

The good news is that it is not snowing here (yet) like it is in CO, WY and all those states that are a little west of us. We are supposed to have Thunderstorms tomorrow. I didn't think that thunderstorms happened when it was so cold, but I guess that I have a few things to learn still.

No word on the house today...

Happy Wednesday!

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