Peace and Quiet-and Petit Soleil

So Dru did not work last night, he worked at 5am yesterday morning. I had gotten used to him being gone at night time, and it is hard to adjust when you are in a routine. My routine, was him not being home at night, and since he was home I reacted badly.
Mainly I was an ASS...Yes that's right I will admit it. I think that I even apologized 2 times, and I don't even like to say that I am sorry ONCE. So twice should mean that I really care and I am sorry that I was an ASS!

So Dru, when you get home from work at some ungodly hour and I am in bed, please know that I am still sorry. Because I know that you read my blog, because you knew that I bought more Halloween Candy and then searched and found it and ate it, and also hid it around the house just in case I was NEVER going to give you a piece. You are a weird one, but I still love you.

Basically, I was sitting here at my desk thinking about how quiet it is at my house right now, and that my boss called me from Splash Cafe...Yes that is right, he is in SLO with his wife and I am not! I even booked them a room at Petit Soleil the bed and breakfast (when I say booked, I mean I did all the work, not that I am paying for it...he is my boss and all) The people at Petit are super nice, and I am really jealous, and wish that I could be in SLO. But NO, I am in Minnesota, working, where it is 54 degrees and windy, really windy...All the leaves that I raked are BACK. Why did I even bother? I don't know, but now I am frustrated. Maybe I will go do that again, because all this peace and quiet is making me ramble.

Maybe I will have to make myself really nice appetizers and drink wine tonight, so I can pretend that I too am staying at Petit and am in San Luis Obispo...One can dream right??

PS. House appraisal is done, NOW MORE WAITING......

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