It is pouring!!! I have a meeting tonight, and I don't look good wet. My hair gets all gross, and well I just don't like wetness. I think that most people would agree with me. Today is a day that I am grateful that I work from home( well most days I am grateful about it, but today more than others)

My husband does not seem bothered by the rain. At this moment he is outside BBQ'ing. Yes that is right, BBQ chicken in the rain. Because you can take the Californian out of California, but can't take our need to BBQ at all times of year away from us. So I think he is crazy, but if that is what he wants for dinner he is not going to let a little rain stand in his way.

We will have to see if when it is -40 outside, if he still craves BBQ...

Off to my meeting in the rain, and I don't even like to drive in rain just for reference.

I hope that there is wine at this meeting, but I am not going to keep my hopes up because it is being held at a Church, and since I have not been to church in a while, I am not sure if God frowns upon things like drinking and such.

"didn't Jesus turn water into wine"????????/

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