The Perfect Halloween Costume?

So what arrive in the mail today that would serve as a perfect Halloween costume?? Well nothing other than my TWO free samples of DEPENDS!!! Yeah my lovely husband kept his promise that I also would be receiving my free sample of these ever so cool adult diapers! I can't say that he does not take care of me and does not want me to be left out on the fun of adult diapers :)

So what pops into my head? Well it is Halloween, and I don't really have a costume. So I could wear my adult diapers and be an old woman, or even a small child. The possibilities are endless!!!

We still need to get more candy, because I don't think that we have enough, and I already got my first Trick or Treater. Yeah, it was Bella my bosses super cute 6yr old dressed as a leopard. Her mom is fantastic and made her costume, and he brought her over to show me.

Dru has a cold, I think. I am hoping that it is nothing serious and he will feel better after the nap that he is presently taking. And the time changes tonight, so hopefully he will get more sleep before work in the morning.

Happy Halloween

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