Fall Back

"Fall Back, Spring Forward"...Simple way to remember how to properly change your clocks for time change? Well one would think. Now that this happened to fall on a holiday that usually involves drinking, I can see how some people might forget, or maybe not remember the saying...

But my parents assured me that they were not drinking when they decided to change their clocks forward an hour. My mom woke up this morning and her clock read "7:15am" and it was still dark outside. Now certainly she was mistaken, or reading the clock wrong...Nope, my parents changed all of their clocks the wrong way and my mom awoke at 5:15 am...Dorks!!!

I on the other hand remembered how to do this properly, and I hope that all of you enjoyed your extra hour of sleep :)

It is Football Sunday. That used to mean "Sunday funday", and today I think that were are going to bring back that saying for just one day. Now what is a girl to do when you don't drink beer? It is not that I don't like beer, because I do. But I am pretty certain that I am allergic to the substance. It makes my whole body hurt the day after, even if I have just one. Not so fun. So on this "Sunday Funday" you will probably find me sipping on wine like the classy lady that I am :)

PS Planning for Sunday Funday in Minnesota is a little different than in CA, when you can go to your local liquor store and purchase all the beer and booze necessary for a fun day on Sunday morning after you have had a proper breakfast and gotten over your Hangover from the night before.

In Minnesota, you must plan accordingly, if you do not have the proper beverages on hand, you must go to the store the night before by 10pm, because they try to make this "Holiday Funday" hard by prohibiting alcohol purchases on Sundays....Gezzzz don't they know that booze warms the body, and we live in the frozen Tundra???

Happy Sunday Funday!

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