"The Chair"

I prefer to sit in chairs rather than the couch. I don't know if it has to do with my personal space issue, or I just like chairs. Well we have only had couches at our house since we moved, and we have our specific spots that we sit at. It is just the way it works.

My father and I fight over "his" recliner when I am at home because I really like it, and well so does he, and since it is "his chair" I usually have to move my fat ass and put it somewhere else. Especially if there are sports on TV, then I don't even have a chance of sitting in his chair. But he gladly shares it with Lucy (the new puppy, and Merv (My cat that lives at home).....Maybe he will share it with me too, or maybe I should claim it first. You know how kids try to claim things that they want when someone dies (yes its morbid, but we all do it if it is something we really like)..........Dad, if you are reading this, I want the recliner when you eventually don't want it anymore. Mom, Don't even think about giving it to my brother just because he lives down the street, and you can give him things and then be an Indian Giver when you decide you want it back. Like that Coffee table that I want :)

Well, today I found a free chair on Craigslist. We went and got the super comfy chair that came with an ottoman!! SCORE, Free chair! And we even got another one, that we put in the basement or "man room", even though the "man" never spends any time down there.

Well since the chair has been home in our house (we close next week, We got a notice today :) I have sat in MY chair for a total of 4 minutes. Yes I am aware that it is upstairs and I should be working and blah blah blah......But every time I go upstairs I find............................DRU IN MY CHAIR!!! Now come on, this is my new chair, and my new place. I don't want to share. Get your own damn chair. And even the cat will probably make it her home too, so my chances of actually using my new chair are pretty slim :(

The bathroom remodel is going GREAT, and by great, I mean that Dru is doing a fantastic job, and I have not gotten one drop of paint on my pretty self, because painting is messy and no fun. It always sounds like a good idea, but then it just turns into a BIG mess, and that is not fun.
Molly has to be locked upstairs when the painting is going on, I don't want little kitty paws of paint on my new chair!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Remember our goodwill chair?? Man I loved that thing!

    p.s. Oprah is ending in September!!!! Of all the people in the world I thought you would be the most affected :) miss you!