ThanksGiving Visitors

Right now at this very moment my mother and grandmother are flying on an airplane to the Frozen Tundra to visit us!!! YAY, I am super excited to have visitors!!!

Lately we have been sprucing up the house for our visitors. Dru made the bathroom Beautiful, I cleaned all day yesterday, we have locked Molly out of the basement, because mom's bed is an inflatable bed, and little kitty paws and things that hold air probably won't mix too well. I don't really want to test that theory because Grandma has the spare bed, and that only leaves my and Dru's bed open....and I don't share well :)

We close on the house TOMORROW!! At 1pm (Central Time) tomorrow we will officially be home owners. That is after we give them the check that has been sitting here since Friday (we wanted to be super prepared), and sign our lives away.

Weird that we have not heard from the landlord lately. He probably is not calling because then he knows we will tell him to get his shit out of the storage unit in our backyard. Weird how things like that work......He calls to bother us all the time, until he knows he needs to do something.

Now that we are officially home owners (well almost), the invite is out there for you to visit...There are TONS of things to do here in the Frozen Tundra that range from Ice Fishing, Ice Skating, Sledding......Okay I know all of those things involve cold activities and it has actually been super nice here and it is 51 degrees. Things are supposed to take a turn and snow for Thanksgiving, which is typical because well I have been saying how nice it is. But as for other fun things, Mall of America is here, and IKEA...Yes I love that place and I get to go with my mom this weekend. And there are probably a million of other things I am forgetting.

Yay for 3 day work week. And I am not even working a lot this week. Tomorrow after we close on the house, I am going to my boss's for work...We are watching a MOVIE. Food Inc, so technically it is work research, but do I bring popcorn and wear sweatpants? I mean would that be appropriate?? That is what I usually wear to watch movies at home, but he might not think too much of me if I showed up in my oversize sweats, no bra and bearing popcorn and diet coke :)

Happy Monday!

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