A week’s worth of Blogging in One Day

Has it really been a week since I last had the time to blog. Do I really have the time now to blog, and the answer to that is NO, but I am going to do it anyways…

Last time I posted my mom and grandma were on a plane arriving in the frozen tundra any minute. Well they are safely back on the west coast and I had so much fun. The week went by so fast, and I feel like we were so busy. There was no sign of "frozenness" in the Frozen Tundra when they were visiting, so they now don't believe me when I say that it is going to snow this weekend. Like a low of 19 and snow, for reals…Scares the shit out of me, because 19 degrees is in Ferignheight, not Celsius. And that seems really really cold if you ask me.

The week was full of adventures, and food, and fun, and football…Lets start with the fun. Since we were supposed to close on the house last week, which was in the plans for when they were here. Well needless to say, that did NOT happen last week as planned and I will get to that later. Tuesday I had to work, and we went grocery shopping, and Dru and I cooked Chinese food for dinner. It was so nice to have them here. Wednesday I had to work and was on the phone a lot of the day so that was a bummer. But we went out to dinner and did all sorts of things. Okay as I am typing a weekly recap, I realize that the only person who would probably appreciate this post, was actually here (my mother) so I am not going to do a recap…But I had such an amazing time, and only managed to turn into a huge bitch a few times, because I was stressed and things like that. But that's normal for me if you know me, and Mom and Grandma and Dru I'm sorry I was a cranky bitch…


Mudd Lake Furniture is the COOLEST store in the world. I found it through another blogger (mycharmingkids.com) and it is here in Minnesota. I will post pictures of how amazing the things that I got there look in our NEW HOUSE, tomorrow!


SO we are HOME OWNERS…Just got back from signing the papers today. Wow, lots of papers to sign and a few stressful moments in between, but we now own a house. I am super excited that I can paint, make holes in walls, get a puppy (or as many kitty's as I want), and do whatever I want to this place because we own it. There is no stressing about what the landlord might think of our pepto bismal pink walls, when girls get bored with the nasty gross wallpaper (which is not as easy to remove as one may think) and paint our college living room PINK!


I am exhausted, and need to get back to working. Because I have TONS of work, and time has been flying by. Hopefully I will have time to regularly blog post, and I can't wait to share pictures of our really cute house (Thanks' to my Mommy and Grandma, and my shopping habits that take after my mom)

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