House and winter..............can I call the landlord?

Being a homeowner has it sucky parts...And one of them is walking into your laundry room in the basement and stepping into a few inches of water.

I wanted to call the landlord, but I just yelled really loudly for Dru instead. We spent the next 45mins sucking up extra water with a shop vac. Did not get to wash the laundry that I wanted to, and will be phoning a plumber in a few moments and hopefully get this problem fixed...

I don't think that plumber was on my christmas list of someone that I needed to purchase a gift for, but well I have a feeling that they are not cheap...Maybe I will finally bake those christmas cookies that I have been talking about forever, and offer some up to the nice plumber???

Today is tuesday. What does that mean??? Well of course it is half price at the tanning bed in town. And you bet cha that I will be getting a little color today, because I am starting to look a little pasty.

Merry Christmas.

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