Am I getting old?

One of my friends, recently told me how much she liked my blog. And that made me feel great. And loved and amazing. But since I have been blogging it has made me wonder why all of my friends don't blog too. I would love to read about your lives, and I am sure that they are more exciting than my married, living in the frozen tundra, and having to travel in the snow life.....I mean come on, it is not that hard to write, and it is like a living journal, that you will appreciate when you can't remember what you did a month ago, let alone 2 days ago....So get too it.

We went bowling last night. I don't know if my feet have worn such cool shoes, and my fingers have hurt from heaving a heavy ball at some pins, in a long time. But I was not as bad as I thought that I was going to be. And I didn't even break a nail. Which is a major plus. Bowling was a fun way to get out of the house, have fun with the husband and relax a little. Did I mention that I dragged my fat butt to the gym yesterday morning? So now my bowling arm hurts worse than my non bowling arm...Back to the gym today too. Maybe I can even it all out so just my WHOLE body is sore, and I can't walk? Sounds like a plan to me. 

I will be on blogging vacation for a few days, since I have to take a work trip. I can never find the time to blog, even when I am in a hotel room by myself. The bed is just to alluring, since I know that I will be tossing and turning cause I can't sleep alone in hotel rooms cause the beds SUCK. I try to go to bed as early as possible to ensure at least 2 hours of sleep...Pretty nifty idea right?

Since it is so freaking early on a Sunday, I am going to get the laundry started, go to the gym and then go shopping....Yay for fun Sunday. 

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  1. I don't blog because I'm embarassed about how much I drink/obsess about boys/work out/count calories...basically my entire life is one big shameful mess :) But maybe I'll start one and only let you read it since you know most of my dirty secrets anyway haha