Yes, I am home in my own warm house, home at last. From a trip that allows for many blogging opportunities. Because what happpens when a Californian girl drives to WI in the snow, on icy roads....Well I will start out with that part of the story. Because what should have been a normal Monday morning turned into a REALLY really long day...

So I had to go to WI for work. It started snowing Sunday night around midnight and was still snowing a little when I got all my things packed up to leave on my adventure Monday Morning. Needless to say I was nervous about this trip. I am not a good driver, I don't really like to drive. and it was wet, and snowing and icy and well just horrible. I felt sick to my stomach and I had not even got out of my driveway.

I was supposed to have conference calls all day monday. So I thought to myself, "Talking on the phone will at least make time move faster"
Boy was I wrong. I am incapable of talking on the phone and driving. Especially when my car slides around because the roads are icy and traffic is NOT moving.

I made it about 45 minutes away from my house, before I had to stop at Target to get something for work things that I was doing in WI.
I pulled out of the Target parking lot, went to the light. looked for oncoming traffic, and then merged to be on my Merry way......

My car was not GOING...I was sliding, then some asshole came out of no where at 55 miles and hour and could not stop and he hit me. Yes he hit the back of my car.

Cue TEARS......I cried. And yelled, and was pissed and scared. But I was fine. Physically that is. Mentally, not sure about that. I had on my cute new boots and dress and tights and a winter jacket and scarf. I exchanged not so nice words with the other driver and then called Dru. He told me to call the police, which is what I did. I waited and waited for them to come. And called too many people in the mean time. I called my boss crying. Yes I am embarrassed about it now, but I was stressing out. And well why not just call him too???

Soo the police man finally shows up, and takes all the information from both of us and blah blah blah. I sat in my car and waited. I still had about 4 hours left of my trip. And gosh darn it, I was going to keep going. Dru told me I had to, and well I wanted to prove that I was a big girl and I could handle things myself.

The police man came to my car and gave me back my stuff, and then guess what....He gave me a fucking ticket. Yes, a TICKET. To ME!!

I was the one that was hit. I was the one that was crying. And now I was just pissed. Of course I asked him if I had to pay it. And he told me either pay or go to court. So I being a bitch and mad and frustrated told him I would see him in court.

Ill keep you all updated on this emergence of events. Cause I am sure that it will be interesting.

That was Monday. I drove to WI...It took me about 6 1/2 hours. Should have taken 4. I was scared, it was snowing and basically one of the shittiest days of my life. But I survived......

Now I am home, and have tons more to blog about, but I need to work!!!!

Maybe later.


  1. Erin,

    A ticket?! What was the basis for that? Because your incident made him leave the warmth of some coffee shop!?

  2. Oh my gosh! That sounds awful!! I'm sorry!