Are Tanning Beds Really That Bad???

So I have decided that I am way too white. Like really white, and that is not a good color on me. I know that all the new studies have talked about Tanning Beds and that they are really bad and blah blah blah........But I can't be this white until May or June, or whenever a jacket and scarf and uggs are not required here.

So I am going to go to the tanning bed. And only be in for 10 minutes. Because well lets face it. I don't think that my body has seen sun since sometime around Sept 12 (our wedding day) and I don't want a repeat of really bad sun burns, and not being able to wear pants (Cuesta Palace girls know what I am talking about :)

I really need to get on the christmas letter sending out. I have them done, and now it is just the fact that I need to print, and stuff envelopes and send them in the mail. Maybe I will do that today??

I am working upstairs on my laptop so I can keep on eye on little Molly. Giving her medicine this morning on my own was a chore, and she was not happy. So I freed her from her stupid cone for a few minutes and brushed her whole body for her. Dru will probably get mad that I let her take it off, but she looks so sad and uncomfortable that I just had too.

Is it really friday already? This week has flown by. I will be traveling for work Mon-Wed next week. And I am driving, so please think about me because I am a horrible driver in the snow and icy weather, and I have a 4 hr drive.

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