Why do the weekends seem to fly by?? How can I lay in bed ALL day Sunday and not feel at all guilty about it. I had my sleeping pants on until about 4pm when I decided to bathe...And wow, what a good day :)

But today is Monday, which means another week. A short week because of the holidays, but another week at that. It is already Christmas? That just seems so weird to me. I remember the days when I was counting down to Sept 12, 2009 and that seems like it was so long ago. And now it is December 21...Which I think is the shortest day of the year? Sounds good to me. I would not mind snuggling with my family in bed like we did for a lot of the day yesterday.

We watched the 3rd Santa Claus movie last night on TV and drank Hot Chocolate. How more festive can you get??

Molly seems to think that she can open presents under the tree even though it is not yet time. I find her under there snooping a lot lately...But since the tree is pretty dead, and the presents will be gone. Hopefully the tree will be gone this weekend as well

Back to work. Merry Monday...

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