My loving Family

Sunday night usually means football...right? Well now that my husband has become an avid Vikings fan, He wore his Brett Farve Jersey to watch the game. He is so kind and watched it downstairs in the man room while I watched the finale of the Amazing Race. And then he came upstairs to finish the game and yell at the tv while I was reading my book. Molly is like Dru but in the form of a little kitty. She follows him around, and loves to watch football too. Well while those two are watching football, Dru does not want me to be left out, so they send me periodic updates on what they are doing.

They are sweet and funny. And they love me so much. Who else can convince the kitty to lay still in a heart shaped out of a bathrobe tie?? Ps, last week Dru was wearing the tie on his head and arms and pretending to be a ninja, so they have evolved a little bit :)

I tried to kiss the kitty good night, and I got a claw in the lip, and there was blood involved. Gosh I can't wait until tomorrow when she is getting those things removed.

I got an email from my boss this morning telling me that on Friday it is going to be -10, and that I had permission to whine about it, because he would be as well. I love that he thinks I need permission to whine about the cold weather. Wait until I have to Drive to the vet in the morning, and it is snowing. I will not be a happy camper, which is why I am going to try to schedule a hair appt to piggyback on my going out and about tomorrow because that would make me happy and it is much needed!

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