Mother, This is not a great picture. But I have bangs. You can't tell that it is REALLY short in the back. And ps. I am DRIVING, in the snow. My passenger (Dru) And Winter driving assistant, took this lovely picture of me today on our fieldtrip out of the house :)

Do you all see that? It says 3 degrees. That was from around 3:45pm this afternoon....Frozen Tundra is RIGHT!

My husband is FANTASTIC. He plowed our driveway. And even cleared a path for my FAVORITE person.........

The mail man.

PS. UPS and USPS are AMAZING, and they both still show up in the snow. And did you know that my mail man walks 8 miles a day??

I should volunteer on Saturdays (or better yet, get paid) but only in the summer, cause I would freeze my Californian butt off :)

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