Have you ever felt so drained that you brain was having problems focusing on anything, let alone one thing? Well that is how I have felt over the past week. I was so incredibly busy with so many different things to do, and events and driving around, not to mention the things that I needed to get done sitting at my desk. That my brain was on overdrive.

But, this is a new week. A new monday. Something that I am actually enjoying. Yesterday I did NOTHING. I layed in bed until around 3pm. Can you say lazy? Well that is what I was. I did a few loads of laundry but that is about it. My house was in a destructive state, messy and cluttered from having visitors and me being so busy. But I just could not bring myself to care, or to want to clean.

Today is a new day. I have cleaned up my email inbox. Starting focusing on the things that I need to get done for work. AND....Paid some bills, washed the sheets on our bed (I am a fanatic about this and it MUST be done once a week, and it had been longer than a week Ick.) Washed a million more loads of laundry. Did some women of today things for my group that I am in, started cleaning my office. I'm focused and determined. And it is only 10:15 am.

Dru is out fishing. Surprise, surprise. But I actually enjoy him having something that he enjoys. He is not sitting here bugging me, and I am not giving him lists of things that need to get done. Our lawns are mowed thanks to a collective effort (I did the front Saturday, and he did the back yesterday). It is actually cool here today a mere 63 degrees so the windows are open and the AC is off!

It is going to be a good week. I can just feel it. I hope that YOU are also having a great week too.

I see some wine in my future tonight. To reward myself for a great monday :)

And the weight loss is going great. I am down about 15lbs in 3 weeks. And it feels fantastic.


5 Question Friday

Alrighty-I have never participated in one of these bloggy thingies that links you up to other peoples blogs-but my brain is too fried to think of my own stuff to blog about....And I love Mama M. A Minnesotian like myself -hey just cause im from CA, I can still call myself a Minnesotian, especially since people tell me I now talk like one, I have rights dont cha know?

Well lets get this party started.......

1. Do you know how to play a musical instrument?

Umm Big fat negative. I used to know how to play the piano-and that was very basic piano playing. I was not a penisist (thats what I used to think it was called-like penis ist....) anyways. Nope, not any more. Never very musically talented.

2. What is your pet peeve while driving?
Hands down-my husband telling me how to drive! And that I am doing it wrong, and that he does not want to die, and so on and so forth. Okay I am not the world's BEST driver-but i'm not the worst either!

3. Would you rather have a housekeeper or unlimited spa services?
Unlimited spa services! I can clean my own house, and actually enjoy it sometimes. I don't like people touching my stuff, then I can never find it. And I LOVE pedicures and massages and being pampered.

4. Is there a song that you hear that will take you back to the moment, like a junior high or high school dance?
Well since those both were not too far long ago-not so much. Some things are played a lot still from that time in my life. But some songs bring back really great memories-the one that pops into my mind is singing GLAMOROUS-in my kitchen in my underpants and making up gestures to the words. Yes this was college and yes I might have been slightly intoxicated-But GOOD times!
5. What song best represents your life right now?
The one that popped into my head was "Everything" by Michael Buble-Only because the part "in this crazy life" relates to me so much right now! But now that I have gone back and read the lyrics, it does relate to how I feel about my hubby. He has been here and is my everything through all the good and the bad.

So thats my five answers to Mama M's five question party

Check out her blog http://fivecrookedhalos.blogspot.com/2010/06/five-question-friday-62510.html and participate if you want to. Cause I know that you do!


Running on Empty

In more ways than one, I am just plain tired. I feel like this week has been moving at the speed of a snail, yet I have been doing so much at work and in life, that it should be moving so super fast.

My bro in law and cousin in law are visiting since Monday. I feel like I have not even had time to have a chat with my husband since Monday, I am that busy, that a hello is all we get in. I think that I might have remembered to kiss him goodbye this morning as I raced out of the house for a business appt. But I can't recall.

I am running around frantically for work. Yes, it is nice to be busy, because having NOTHING to do when you are working from home means eating and finding the end of the internet all day every day.

Speaking of eating. I have been losing weight. I lost a bunch of inches at my last weigh in also. I am feeling motivated. I feel good. I can just see my cute jeans fitting me soon. Too bad it is summer and humidity and jeans equal a sweaty butt crack. Yes I said it. Not expecting butt cracks in this blog post? Well surprise!

Work, we have a big event going on. A product launch for a product. A new product at a really nice grocery store. It should be fun. But that also means that I am working on Saturday. Yes, I have to be at my bosses house at 715am Saturday morning. Only 1 morning to sleep in this week. I need a vacation STAT.

That is about all I have time for, and can even fathom putting down in words, because my mind is racing a million miles a minute. And I have a meeting tonight about an hour away, that I TOTALLY spaced that I signed up going to. And I am not going to ditch out on Lisa, but I REALLY don't want to go. It would be nice to sit and relax tonight. But oh well.

"and so it is"..........Did anyone watch that stupid show on E with the girl who broke into stars houses? I can't remember for the life of me what it was called. But they always used to say that saying, or something similar. And it just seemed very appropriate for how I am feeling.


A tribute to my father.

Dad, today is YOUR day. The day where it is celebrated that you were part of creating such a wonderful child. Okay I guess 2 wonderful kids, but this is my blog, and Erik better have done his own celebration.

I wish that I could be there to cook up a fabulous meal for you-since you mentioned chili dogs for dinner. Epic grossness, but if that is what you want to eat, then more power to you! I don't have to smell the farts :)

I hope that Merv was nice to you today, and that the puppy didn't poop anywhere she shouldn't have. That you had a great day, and did whatever you wanted to do. Didn't work too hard, relaxed like you deserve.

Thanks for being a great dad, and over the years help mold me into the wonderful young lady that I am today (shamless self appreciation, but again, my blog, my words). Here are a few things that will always make me think of you.......
Pork Rinds and camping, baseball on the TV, Snoring in chairs, and icecream eating pets, the smell of asphalt, gardening, going for summer drives, recliners that are "yours" only, snacking on cheese, I still get choked up with I think about our father daughter dance at my wedding, suspenders, breakfast gouloush, halloween candy......and I am sure there are many many more.

I love you Dad, I hope that you had a great day!

Love your favorite daughter.


UnFriended, by my own Mother?

I'm pretty sure that my mom has unfriended me on Facebook. Is that even legal? I am friends with her (or was....) on my safe for work Facebook account. I have 2 facebook's, since I didn't think it was appropiate to have all of my college photos availabe for coworkers-bosses you name it, to see. I think that it was a really smart decision on my part. I am proud of my quick thinking.

Well, I noticed this morning that I can no longer view my mom's things on Facebook. Her wall posts and comments don't show up on my news feed anymore, ect. So I began to investigate. I have been defriended!!! The nerve. I think that I might block her from reading this blog, then what? Two can play at this game.

Oh and after all those crazy storms and tornado warnings and such we had here in MN. I am still alive. No damage here in our neck of the woods. Nothing but some crazy rain and winds. But it didn't last for too long. But it was really unsusually bright last night at after 9pm. The sky had that weird look to it. Not really a "I'm going to drop a tornado on your ass" look, but a green/blue color.

Adventures are in my near future. Hoping that this weekend is a nice one, I could use a dark brown tan on this body. Because, tan fat looks better than white fat, but that is not going to be an issue anymore, because I am determined to be skinny on my weight loss challenge.

Peace out, Its almost the weekend!!!


Are you Competitive?

I joined a weight loss challenge in my little town. It is at a new place that sell's Herbalife shakes and all that jazz, but they also sponsor challenges. I would tell ya'll the name of the place, but then if I had an internet stalker that didn't know what town I lived in, then all that would be spoiled. And my husband is already paranoid enough. We have guns in our house, and are not afraid to use them. *that's a lie, I wouldn't shoot you, but Dru probably would. There are guns in unexpected locations*, and no we don't live in Texas, We are in the upper Midwest.

Anywho.....Back to me. Weight loss challenge. $350 for first place weight loss percentage winner. That is going to be me. I am a very competitive person, and I am determined to win. And the money would be nice too. I have already lost 2.8lbs in one week. But I weighed myself at my home scale, and I am determined that the scale is WAY off at this place, and I actually weigh less than they think.

So bathing suit season, here I come. I will be SKINNY in 7 weeks. I will look damn good in my bathing suit, and I will be $350 dollars richer :)

I am ready for those jeans that are in my closet. The ones that are really cute and don't fit my fat ass. I am ready!!!!


A day in the life of Stan and Molly...........

Do you enjoy icecream?

 Do you enjoy eating icecream without others wanting a bite?

In our house, we do not get to eat in peace. A yummy treat in the afternoon does not happen, without begging and maybe sneaking a lick or two.

Remember how I wrote a long time ago,http://erinanddru.blogspot.com/2009/10/husbands-and-fathers.html about Dru being a lot like my father. And that it would be the last straw if he started sharing icecream with our pets??? Well......

No, he is not naked. But molly is enjoying her treat.

Notice the little furry white thing in the left corner?

Isn't he a cute little baby :)

I love my family.

No animals were harmed in the creation of this blog post, and no this is not staged, this is my family.


Does it make me less of a woman?

Am I the ONLY woman in the world who does not, and NEVER have watched the Bachelorette and or the Bachelor?

I swear that everyone has blogged about or is talking about that stupid show. And I just don't get it. I have never been a fan of "finding true love" on TV shows. Come on people, really? You think that you are going to meet your one and only, while competing with other tools on national television?

What makes people want to be on shows like that? What is offered to these contestants in order to make them make total asses out of themselves on TV? Why is whoring around and "kissing" many many men in one show an okay thing? Because you are looking for love?

So that is my rant for the day. I don’t understand.

You see, I have found my one and only. We met back in highschool-he claims that I tried to kiss him on the first “date”, I disagree.

We are now happily married, living in a little Midwestern town, with our two babies-Captain Stan, and Molly Louise. We are not old fashioned; we do things our own way, and march to the beat of our own drum. We still think that going out to eat and “drinks” on Sunday nights are acceptable behavior, even when we have to work the next morning. We make friends with bar tenders named Russ, when we are the ONLY people in the bar on a Sunday night. That is normal for us. We watch stupid tv shows together-try not to spend too much money and love summer time more than winter.

So what makes my dearest hubby ask me this question last night “Usually when there are banana’s sitting out, you make me banana bread?”

USUALLY? Do I look like the type of wife that just automatically looks at the old bananas and thinks that Dru might want Banana bread? I don’t think so! I actually considered throwing them away a few days ago. Because I HATE eating banana’s. They are gross and the texture just is not for me.

So, just in case you were wondering. I don’t bake-nor am I a housewife who thinks about baking. I think that I am going to Google a banana bread recipe and put it on his pillow with the banana’s when he comes home from work to take his nap 


Just another Sunday at Lola's

What does this photo tell you?

Is this one a little clearer?
Dru and I were enjoying a Sunday afternoon on the deck at Lola's. Just doing a little people watching.

Happy Monday


Rain, Rain go away....Come again........Never?

The rain here lately has been crappy. Not fun T-storm rain, just rain. Wet, boring, no fun. At least when the sky is rumbling and flashing it is something cool to look at. Not saying that we need a tornado or any horrible storms, but that maybe a little bit more exciting things where no one gets hurt would be nice.

I went to the Dr. on Tuesday. I didn't get many more answers than I had before-except that I still hurt for no apparent reason. So here I lay, hurting, frustrated, but at least I have good meds to keep me from hurting as much??

So I don't know more than I knew before. I don't have answers. I have a shitty attitude about life, and that’s about it.

But, on the upside. I joined a weight loss challenge. I paid $35 dollars to lose weight-and maybe win money in the end when I lose a lot more weight than anyone else? Who knows, it could happen. But I did get my body scanned. I have 125 lbs of lean muscle in my body. That seems like a lot don't cha think? Now I guess that leaves to the imagination how much I really weigh, but I was a little impressed with my muscle mass-especially since I have not worked out since March. Can you say fat ass? Cause that is how I feel lately.

So my pain filled body, is trying to lose weight, stay a little on the uncrazy side of things, and survive another week....That’s all. Is today really Thursday? Awesome!



Pictures you see?? Well the title of this might be a little bit misrepresenting. Since I will not be posting pictures.

But it is a promise to start taking more photo’s. Soon. Promise. Getting them on this little blog? Another story entirely. But I will try. Promise.

But I am not in the mood for pictures. I don’t feel good. Story of my life for the past few months. This disease that I have is quite the fucker. Yes I said it. That is how I feel. I feel beaten down and broken. Physically and emotionally, I am spent.

I am going back to the Dr. today. Back to the dr. to hopefully figure some of this shit out. Back for some answers. And not standing down on what I think that I need. Yes I realize that I am not a dr. and I don’t have medical training. But if I tell you that ibuprofen does not make this pain go away. Then I sure am hell am not lying. I am not seeking drugs. I am not crazy. I am just DONE. IN PAIN…Maybe if I yell in all caps he will understand???

And speaking of being down and emotionally spent. Yes I cry a lot. Yes I am horrible at returning phone call’s, or emails for that matter. I am pretty sure that you don’t want to hear about my miserable life, as much as I am sick and tired of explaining my miserable life to people. If I had something good to say, something interesting and exciting. Maybe I might call you back. But since I don’t. And I am all sad and crazy. Don’t expect a phone call. Unless you want to hear blubbery bullshit.

I feel sorry for Dru. I am pretty sure that he should be at his wits end with me. I have not been a happy wife. I have not been super nice. Little things piss me off. I don’t think that this is what he signed up for last year when he married me and gave me his last name? Well “forced” me to take his last name, but we did compromise, and I don’t have a hideous middle name anymore. So that makes it okay.

But Dru. Since I know that you will probably read this when you get back from fishing. (fishing in the rain I must add)…Gezz I must be bad if you go fishing in the rain. I am sorry. I will be better soon. At some point. I will learn to deal with this. I am GOING to get better. Or at least know how to deal with this. And then I will be nice. I will work on being nicer in the near term. Promise.

So that is my rant for this Tuesday. I am sorry I am so down, and unhappy. But that’s the story of this little live in Minnesota right now. Rainy. Dreary. Unhappy me.


Happiest Place On Earth?

Some people claim that the happiest place on earth is somewhere named Disney.

But I went to the place that makes me happy. Last night!

Dru and I went on a little adventure. Traffic sucks, just FYI. When your commute usually involves walking to the basement with coffee in one hand trying to not trip over 2 crazy kitties you take things for granted. Like Traffic.

Why do people drive so damn slow? Whats the deal? Anyways, not the point of my story at all. But I guess that you understand that we had to leave the house to go on this adventure.

We went grocery shopping......Grocery shopping? What? Not fun. Well I disagree.

You see, I love Trader Joes. It gives me a happy feeling. I love going there and wandering around. And even spending lots of money there does not put me in a bad mood.

Now my fridge is full of yummy things. I am a happy lady.

Happy Friday.


Check Yourself For Ticks

Camping was a success. Great time, warm sun, lots of dirt. All that goodness.

But I didn't even consider the bugs that could have attached themselves to me for a ride home to our casa. The misquito's were enough for me. They ravaged my body and I have welts all over from the hungry little blood suckers.

But Ticks. Didn't even cross my mind. But my body and I became well acquainted last night. As I checked myself for ticks. According to some good friends, "they like warm dark places"......Use your dirty mind for that one, and then get immediatly grossed out and feel the need to check for ticks?

And on another note. I weighed myself last night. In front of someone other than a Dr. I stepped on a scale in front of my friend Lisa. And I was horrified. I weigh WAY too much. I had nightmares about it. It was horrible and awful, but motivating at the same time.

So thanks Lisa. For letting me show you that I was a fat ass. Don't be surprised when you get daily email updates with my weight from now on.....Since I have been resisting that pizza that is in the fridge that I could have for breakfast. But I know that I should walk my lazy butt down to the weight loss place and get my shot, smoothie and whatever else they are going to try to feed me for $6 that will make me skinny.

If I eat that for breakfast, probably means that I shouldn't have pizza as a snack..........right?

Happy Wednesday All. Yes it is ALREADY wednesday. I have big plans for the weekend. They might involve painting.

I don't like to paint, so does anyone want to come over and help?


Real Conversations with My Mom

Phone rings at around 9am MY time....7am in Ca.

Thinks to myself "hope no one died why is she calling me this early...."

Mom "Are you having tornado's".......

Hmmm...Nope, nice and sunny here. Why do you ask?

And just for the record. If I was experiencing a tornado, don't you think that I would have blogged about it already? Gezz Mom...

Just trying to get some work done, while my tired, sore from sunburn and misquito bitten body recovers from a good weekend.