Are you Competitive?

I joined a weight loss challenge in my little town. It is at a new place that sell's Herbalife shakes and all that jazz, but they also sponsor challenges. I would tell ya'll the name of the place, but then if I had an internet stalker that didn't know what town I lived in, then all that would be spoiled. And my husband is already paranoid enough. We have guns in our house, and are not afraid to use them. *that's a lie, I wouldn't shoot you, but Dru probably would. There are guns in unexpected locations*, and no we don't live in Texas, We are in the upper Midwest.

Anywho.....Back to me. Weight loss challenge. $350 for first place weight loss percentage winner. That is going to be me. I am a very competitive person, and I am determined to win. And the money would be nice too. I have already lost 2.8lbs in one week. But I weighed myself at my home scale, and I am determined that the scale is WAY off at this place, and I actually weigh less than they think.

So bathing suit season, here I come. I will be SKINNY in 7 weeks. I will look damn good in my bathing suit, and I will be $350 dollars richer :)

I am ready for those jeans that are in my closet. The ones that are really cute and don't fit my fat ass. I am ready!!!!


  1. Good luck!!! You can do it :)

  2. Good luck! My friend just did a challenge through her work and won $500. She lost a lot of weight doing kickboxing and now she is hooked!