Check Yourself For Ticks

Camping was a success. Great time, warm sun, lots of dirt. All that goodness.

But I didn't even consider the bugs that could have attached themselves to me for a ride home to our casa. The misquito's were enough for me. They ravaged my body and I have welts all over from the hungry little blood suckers.

But Ticks. Didn't even cross my mind. But my body and I became well acquainted last night. As I checked myself for ticks. According to some good friends, "they like warm dark places"......Use your dirty mind for that one, and then get immediatly grossed out and feel the need to check for ticks?

And on another note. I weighed myself last night. In front of someone other than a Dr. I stepped on a scale in front of my friend Lisa. And I was horrified. I weigh WAY too much. I had nightmares about it. It was horrible and awful, but motivating at the same time.

So thanks Lisa. For letting me show you that I was a fat ass. Don't be surprised when you get daily email updates with my weight from now on.....Since I have been resisting that pizza that is in the fridge that I could have for breakfast. But I know that I should walk my lazy butt down to the weight loss place and get my shot, smoothie and whatever else they are going to try to feed me for $6 that will make me skinny.

If I eat that for breakfast, probably means that I shouldn't have pizza as a snack..........right?

Happy Wednesday All. Yes it is ALREADY wednesday. I have big plans for the weekend. They might involve painting.

I don't like to paint, so does anyone want to come over and help?

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  1. Hey I am stopping by from SIF's blogfrog - I had to tell you - I HATE TICKS! It is like my number 1 fear in the spring/summer. My dad picks them up ALL the time and last weekend when I was visiting I saw one just chilling in his knee pit. SO GROSS. I'm glad to hear you didn't have any, and good luck with the mosquito bites.

    I heard that carrying dryer sheets helps to keep them away. I haven't tested it yet, but maybe next time you go camping, you could give it a whirl :)