Real Conversations with My Mom

Phone rings at around 9am MY time....7am in Ca.

Thinks to myself "hope no one died why is she calling me this early...."

Mom "Are you having tornado's".......

Hmmm...Nope, nice and sunny here. Why do you ask?

And just for the record. If I was experiencing a tornado, don't you think that I would have blogged about it already? Gezz Mom...

Just trying to get some work done, while my tired, sore from sunburn and misquito bitten body recovers from a good weekend.


  1. Oh everyone in my family KNOWS better than to call me that early! My dad called me at noon yesterday and woke me up! In his defense, he forgot I didn't have to work because of the holiday.

  2. lol... Oh how I wish I could wake up and see 9:00 on the clock. By 7:30 I am usually getting the "Mommy, Mom, Momma, Mom, Mom" in my ear accompanied by the slaps across the face.