A tribute to my father.

Dad, today is YOUR day. The day where it is celebrated that you were part of creating such a wonderful child. Okay I guess 2 wonderful kids, but this is my blog, and Erik better have done his own celebration.

I wish that I could be there to cook up a fabulous meal for you-since you mentioned chili dogs for dinner. Epic grossness, but if that is what you want to eat, then more power to you! I don't have to smell the farts :)

I hope that Merv was nice to you today, and that the puppy didn't poop anywhere she shouldn't have. That you had a great day, and did whatever you wanted to do. Didn't work too hard, relaxed like you deserve.

Thanks for being a great dad, and over the years help mold me into the wonderful young lady that I am today (shamless self appreciation, but again, my blog, my words). Here are a few things that will always make me think of you.......
Pork Rinds and camping, baseball on the TV, Snoring in chairs, and icecream eating pets, the smell of asphalt, gardening, going for summer drives, recliners that are "yours" only, snacking on cheese, I still get choked up with I think about our father daughter dance at my wedding, suspenders, breakfast gouloush, halloween candy......and I am sure there are many many more.

I love you Dad, I hope that you had a great day!

Love your favorite daughter.

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  1. Found you through a friends blog. I'm your newest follower. :-)