Rain, Rain go away....Come again........Never?

The rain here lately has been crappy. Not fun T-storm rain, just rain. Wet, boring, no fun. At least when the sky is rumbling and flashing it is something cool to look at. Not saying that we need a tornado or any horrible storms, but that maybe a little bit more exciting things where no one gets hurt would be nice.

I went to the Dr. on Tuesday. I didn't get many more answers than I had before-except that I still hurt for no apparent reason. So here I lay, hurting, frustrated, but at least I have good meds to keep me from hurting as much??

So I don't know more than I knew before. I don't have answers. I have a shitty attitude about life, and that’s about it.

But, on the upside. I joined a weight loss challenge. I paid $35 dollars to lose weight-and maybe win money in the end when I lose a lot more weight than anyone else? Who knows, it could happen. But I did get my body scanned. I have 125 lbs of lean muscle in my body. That seems like a lot don't cha think? Now I guess that leaves to the imagination how much I really weigh, but I was a little impressed with my muscle mass-especially since I have not worked out since March. Can you say fat ass? Cause that is how I feel lately.

So my pain filled body, is trying to lose weight, stay a little on the uncrazy side of things, and survive another week....That’s all. Is today really Thursday? Awesome!


  1. Wow! That is a lot of muscle!!! I am sure I don't have that much. That sucks that you didn't get anymore answers. I'm glad the pain is a little more contained though. ((HUGS))

  2. have they checked you for fibromyalgia? and congrats on the muscle mass :D

  3. ....stay a little on the uncrazy side.... I so get that! Hugs and hope my dear. Hope you feel better soon!