Running on Empty

In more ways than one, I am just plain tired. I feel like this week has been moving at the speed of a snail, yet I have been doing so much at work and in life, that it should be moving so super fast.

My bro in law and cousin in law are visiting since Monday. I feel like I have not even had time to have a chat with my husband since Monday, I am that busy, that a hello is all we get in. I think that I might have remembered to kiss him goodbye this morning as I raced out of the house for a business appt. But I can't recall.

I am running around frantically for work. Yes, it is nice to be busy, because having NOTHING to do when you are working from home means eating and finding the end of the internet all day every day.

Speaking of eating. I have been losing weight. I lost a bunch of inches at my last weigh in also. I am feeling motivated. I feel good. I can just see my cute jeans fitting me soon. Too bad it is summer and humidity and jeans equal a sweaty butt crack. Yes I said it. Not expecting butt cracks in this blog post? Well surprise!

Work, we have a big event going on. A product launch for a product. A new product at a really nice grocery store. It should be fun. But that also means that I am working on Saturday. Yes, I have to be at my bosses house at 715am Saturday morning. Only 1 morning to sleep in this week. I need a vacation STAT.

That is about all I have time for, and can even fathom putting down in words, because my mind is racing a million miles a minute. And I have a meeting tonight about an hour away, that I TOTALLY spaced that I signed up going to. And I am not going to ditch out on Lisa, but I REALLY don't want to go. It would be nice to sit and relax tonight. But oh well.

"and so it is"..........Did anyone watch that stupid show on E with the girl who broke into stars houses? I can't remember for the life of me what it was called. But they always used to say that saying, or something similar. And it just seemed very appropriate for how I am feeling.

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  1. Ummm. Sweaty Butt Crack? I am not at the right blog am I.