UnFriended, by my own Mother?

I'm pretty sure that my mom has unfriended me on Facebook. Is that even legal? I am friends with her (or was....) on my safe for work Facebook account. I have 2 facebook's, since I didn't think it was appropiate to have all of my college photos availabe for coworkers-bosses you name it, to see. I think that it was a really smart decision on my part. I am proud of my quick thinking.

Well, I noticed this morning that I can no longer view my mom's things on Facebook. Her wall posts and comments don't show up on my news feed anymore, ect. So I began to investigate. I have been defriended!!! The nerve. I think that I might block her from reading this blog, then what? Two can play at this game.

Oh and after all those crazy storms and tornado warnings and such we had here in MN. I am still alive. No damage here in our neck of the woods. Nothing but some crazy rain and winds. But it didn't last for too long. But it was really unsusually bright last night at after 9pm. The sky had that weird look to it. Not really a "I'm going to drop a tornado on your ass" look, but a green/blue color.

Adventures are in my near future. Hoping that this weekend is a nice one, I could use a dark brown tan on this body. Because, tan fat looks better than white fat, but that is not going to be an issue anymore, because I am determined to be skinny on my weight loss challenge.

Peace out, Its almost the weekend!!!


  1. Wow, your mom dropped you that is too funny. Oh and I agree, I feel much better showing off my gut when it is tan than if it were pasty white. Now I am not ashamed to get the mail in my underwear anymore. Summer is here. Have a great weekend

  2. I am cracking up right now! WHY would your mom defriend you?!?

  3. LOL This is a new one....maybe it's because she is up to no good:)

  4. Having two Facebook accounts is smart, I do the same. Now, what is it exactly that your mom is up to that she doesn't want you to see? Hmmm?