About an hour ago, this post was going to be about how much I hated Verizon. I was honestly so mad at them, I was ready to get an iphone. But AT&T sucks, and has shitty service here, so that would not be super fun...

After a few days of endless hours spent on the phone with customer service to solve my email problems. Verizon has made me a happy customer.

I am getting a new phone. For only 29 dollars. Yes, a brand spanking new blackberry. Because mine was not working right, and there was no solving the problem.

The remedy, a new phone. Without the stupid roller ball thingie, that sticks and sucks. A new version of the Blackberry will be coming my way, overnight shipping for free.

My customer service guy made me a new believer in customer service. He was great.

I am happy. Enough Said!

Random Thoughts

So I have bitched about the TODAY show before. The stories regarding gross bath toys, unclean "new" underwear, and just some of the stories that are on there, gross me out in the morning. Things like make people want to vomit before 8am, should not be news features. There should be a rule about the gag factor of stories in the morning.

I thought that today was April 1st. I have been under this assumption for about a week now. I don't know why I thought this, but I was REALLY sure that Wednesday was April 1st. Oh well, just leaves me more time to plan my April Fool's joke on Dru. Even though he informed me that he did not like April Fool's day. It is immature. Well good thing I am immature :)

Minnesota is warmer than California. We have 70 degree temps, windows open sit outside and BBQ and drink Corona type of days. California has rain, and shitty weather. haha. That is me being snarky.

I just ate the WORST breakfast possible. I am not even going to say what it was because I am embarrassed about it. But it is along the lines of Ramen Noodles (which I would have had if I had some in the pantry)...and it came out of a can. Can you guess what I had?

Spaghetti O’s……..I am embarrassed to say that we even have them in our pantry. No wonder I have gained weight, I need to outlaw Dru from grocery shopping

I am thinking about going Blonde. Or at least getting some lighter colors in my hair. I am bored with my hair, and I want to grow it out a little, or at least my bangs. It is going to be summer so I don't want to have to deal with bangs.


What makes you happy?

I have discovered that the little things in life make me happy. Not big gestures, but small things.

A pedicure, because that means that I am wearing shoes where you can see my toes. Which also implies that there is no snow on the ground. Which makes me HAPPY

Flowers. Pretty flowers from a co-worker to wish me luck with my surgery, and to brighten my day. Pretty Tulips from a neighbor and friend because she was thinking of me. Spring!

Playful Kitties. The funny things that they do. They are so entertaining. And they cuddle and sleep all the time, so that is nice too.

Sunshine. Brightens my day, and warms me up.

Getting mail. Not email, but real mail. I love getting mail. And I love sending mail.

Sleeping in. I wish that I could sleep in whenever I wanted to. I wish that "your friends" (as Dru calls the kitties) when they are knocking on our bedroom door at early morning hours would let us sleep in.

Owning a house. Leakyness aside, it feels nice to be a homeowner. Makes me feel grown up and responsible. Owning a house at 23 is a pretty cool feeling.

Looking at wedding pictures. Reminds me of the love that Dru and I have for eachother, and the beautiful wedding that we shared with friends and family.

Family. I love knowing that I can call my mom whenever I want to and she will be available to talk to me. Or help me problem solve, or just chat. Or chat with the Verizon lady because I am not as "grown up" as I thought, and my mom is still the account holder for my phone :)

Being able to blog when I am on hold with blackberry, because I work from home. Listening to the annoying music on speaker phone.


Making New Friends.

I have to admit, when we moved here. Making friends was on the back of my mind. Not really registering as something that I would need to do. I had friends and I was happy that I had a new job, a fiance who is was the love of my life. What more could a girl ask for?

Friends had always come pretty easily for both Dru and I. We moved knowing that we were both excited for a new place and that we had eachother. I was more worried about my new job and keeping busy moving, working and settling down in a new town. It never really dawned on me, that since I worked from home, it was going to be pretty difficult to meet new people. I didn't interact with people on a daily basis. Not people in my town. Dru and I would go out and have drinks at happy hour and people watch, but never really thought about how we would meet "our people". Granted, we were happy, loving life. But both thinking, things are more fun with friends.

Last summer we had a lot of wedding things on the horizon. Parties at home, showers, and then the big day. Those all included friends that we had. Friends that would be with us no matter what. But they were not here with us in the Midwest. We basically had "us". It was fine for a while. And still us time is really important. But I wanted to meet people.

Growing up in a small town, I was used to seeing people everywhere. Gas Stations, places to eat, grocery store, you would run into someone who you knew through something. Chat, say hi. Things like that.

I was in a sorority in college. I was surrounded with the best girls, and some who became lifelong friends. We were a team. we did events, activities and just hung out. All together.

When you move across the country, you don't have all that anymore.

How do you meet friends? Well that is what I realized tonight at my WAWT meeting. I have found amazing women, who all want to organize a group, to help, support, socialize and make lifetime friendships along the way.

The women in the Waconia Area Women of Today are awesome. We all have different life styles, jobs, accountability to different people. and things happening, but we are a group.

Being a part of this group since Oct. has allowed me to make friendships. These women are funny, supporting, caring, loving and true friends. I feel that they like me because of me. We listen to eachother ideas, bring new ones, and plan our calender. for the next "trimester"....I am just grateful that we have chances to hang out. I can't wait to see these friendships evolve. I want to be able to be there for them, and hope that it will be the same way viceversa.

I am blessed. I am blessed to have such a great support system here, there and everywhere.


The past few days

So I know that I have not really blogged/talked about what was going on. And it was for a few good reasons. 

1. I didn't really know what exactly was going on. I was in a lot of pain, and was not too sure why. 

2. I was scared. I didn't want to talk about it because then maybe it wouldn't be there? I don't know if this makes any sense. 

3. I don't like not feeling good. I don't like people feeling sorry for me. It is a weird complex that I have. I used to think that I was a big attention whore. But I have come to realize, that I don't like being the center of attention. I would rather participate, than be in charge. Case in point-opening presents in front of people and our wedding.... Things like that are really hard for me. I don't like people staring at me. I feel like people can read my face in an instant. What if I don't look happy? ect...

So now that those are out there. I have decided that I want to talk/blog about my experience. I will spare the details, but that is just for your sake. 

Starting a few weeks, almost a month ago. I started to have really bad back pains. Uncomfortable, lower back, sometimes sharp shooting pains. I went to the dr. a few times. They prescribed meds, and told me it was muscles.....

Then some more symptoms came about that go along with "that time of month".... And I thought that I was going to die. I was in so much pain, and now not only in my back. I called my obgyn "lady Dr."...she couldn't get me in that day, it was almost 5pm. Told me to go to the ER if I was still in a lot of pain. Well we went to the ER after I couldn't handle the pain anymore. 

Tests and more tests. And no solving of the problem. Had a mentioned that I am a problem solver? I don't like not knowing what is going on. Especially if it is my body. This is just NOT okay with me! At all. So now that we went to the ER, with an ER bill.......I was sent home and told to follow up with my Dr. the next day. 

I called my obgyn and got in THAT DAY. She was fantastic! I really like her. She did ANOTHER exam.....Let's just say I have had my fill of "exam's" for a while. And she said, there really was not a definite cause for what I was experiencing, but it "could" be endometriosis...

She sent me home with meds to help my pain, and pamphlets about Endometriosis, and laparoscopic surgery to find out. She told me to think about it. She didn't want me to make a rash decision, but she was suspicious that it could be the cause, and the only way to know for sure was to do an inpatient surgery. 

Dru and I talked about it, our options and researched Endo...Googling things make you think that you are not alone, but also make you think that you have every disease out there. But I was able to find a lot of blogs from women that went through endo, and the stories, and what they were dealing with. Some of these women have struggled A LOT. They had/have very severe forms of endo, they had done a lot more tests than me, and some struggle with infertility and other things that scare the crap out of me. 

We decided that we wanted to know. We talked about kids, no kids and all those things. We are young, strong, and eventually want children. We wanted to know what was out there, and possibilities. I scheduled my lap. And had it this past Friday. 

Surgery is scary. Something that you don't know what to expect. Well it went great. I went in Friday morning at 6am. My dr. was GREAT. All my questions were answered. 

I woke up from surgery. And somewhat remember my Dr. talking to me. Thank god she talked to Dru and told him all the details, because I don't know exactly what she said. I had a little endo; she used a laser and removed what she saw. She said I would be fine. I have a preop appt in a few weeks, and will know more details then. I have two tiny stitches. One in my belly button, and one lower down. The first day I was in a lot of pain, and Dru took care of me. The second, not as much pain but still uncomfortable, and now today I feel better, but don't want to overdo it. I have a complex where I overdo things...

I feel confident. Happy to know what was going on, and relieved. 

So there is my story. I know that I left out a few things, I just wanted to put it out there and let ya know what was going on. 



Surgery was a success. I am now home. Recovering, my wonderful husband taking care of me while I watch tv, snack, and drink fluids.

We have a cause for all the pain, and that feels good to know. I am in pain, and that does not feel good, but is to be expected. That is all I want to go into for now, but today I will be recovering...

Enjoy your Friday blog world.



It has not been frozen here in a while. In fact we have not had a trace amount of snow since the beginning of March.

This is AMAZING. I love the sun. Love the birds, and animals, and walks outside and sunset at 740pm. Makes the day so much better to know that the sun is shining.

Minnesota is flooding. But not my part of Minnesota. So I must say that I am not super concerned with this natural disaster. Sounds bad to say, but i'm okay with it.

Feeding the homeless is on the schedule for tonight. Work and getting baby stan back tomorrow. And then Friday..........Well I am not really looking forward to Friday, but it will all work out for the best. I won't be blogging.

Thank god baby stan is coming back tomorrow. I just cannot work with a 10lb kitty sitting on my lap all day because she misses her friend. Molly just does not know what to do with herself now that Stan is not here. Thank god only one more night. Because last night=not a lot of sleep....

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job? Because I really do. We are taking a work retreat in May and we are going to an AMAZING resort for 4 days. I am really really excited. It is all of us in the company *(4) and our spouses. That is if mine can go, and I REALLY REALLY need him to go.

The place is beautiful, and it is nice to work and bond with coworkers when you work from home. Because well, working from home can cause you to become hermitlike. Like my straightner has been sitting in my suitcase that I have not unpacked from last friday. Needless to say, I have not done my hair since last Friday. Gosh, I am SEXY :)

Sweatpants have become a daily outfit, unless I venture out and about. And makeup....It could last me FOREVER since I rarly have to do it


Sad Morning in our House

Baby Stan is currently under the knife. He is getting his manhood removed this morning, as well as his front claws.

We decided to do the claws, because Molly has none, so it was only fair. We like to play fair in our house...

Since a no food diet was ordered for Stan, Molly had to follow suit. Lets just say that there were some VERY hungry members of this house this morning. And CRANKY....No food=not happy kitties.

Stan had to inform me that his fat belly was starving this morning at 4am. Did I care at that point? Not at all. I was annoyed, and he kept biting my wedding rings. He likes Bling. If he ever proposed to his gf( molly) He would present her with a pretty blue box. He likes to read the Tiffany Catalog as well :)

It is a sad morning here. Molly and I are lost without the loud, bodybuilder (he walks and sits like he has HUGE muscles) of our family. It is way too quiet here. So we are working and cuddling.

Stan will return Thursday morning. So until then. It will be peaceful.

Peace, Love and Happy Tuesday.


Health Care-I don't care what you THINK.....

I know that everyone has their own view, and political differences. But is it really necessary to talk politics on social networking sites such as fb???

If you have around 600 friends, there is a really really good chance that people will not agree with you. We are friends with different people for different reasons.

Political views is not a screening device when I pick my friends. Hell, it wasn't even a factor when I picked my husband...(Dru, just roll with me on this and for arguments sake, I picked you)......So I most likely don't think the same way that you do.

Why do people find it necessary to tell the entire world (That is basically what FB is) what they think about the new healthcare bill? Why do I care what you think, and why do you care what I think? That’s the thing. Everyone gets to have their own opinion.

The way that you vote, dress, drive, and hell, the way you prefer your roll of paper to face on the toilet paper roll, IS UP TO YOU. So, don't tell me what you think about healthcare, unless I ask. Because I DON'T CARE. You are most likely looking for a fight, because people don't agree.

Let's just agree to disagree, and quit posting off the wall thoughts on facebook..... DEAL?

Soundtrack for the Day.

I listen to a lot of music when I work. It keeps me focused, and I can't handle silence. It bothers me.

Pandora has been a lifesaver due to the lack of music on my Computer, and I have many many options with stations and giving songs a thumbs down when I don't like them. Which happens a lot lately. Why do the most random songs come on, when they have NOTHING to do with the station that I am listening to?

I need advice for music. Does anyone else listen to Pandora. Or another music service when working? Does silence bother you as much as it does me? Working from home, makes for a lot of silence, unless Dru is watching stupid TV shows, or the cats are trying to kill eachother.

I am going to hope for a positive week, I have surgery scheduled for Friday. I am a little nervous, not going to lie about that part.


Home Sweet Home

I am back from my little adventure work trip. I actually got back last night, but there was wine to drink and all that good stuff, so blogging had to wait.

I have lost a follower. I only had 10, but now I am down to 9. I never really cared about things like that, but it makes me a little said. Someone "unfollowed" me. It is like being "defrinded" on FB.

Sad. Sorry if I bore you. But I guess if you unfollowed me, you are not here anymore anyway.

The midwest has gotten a chill back to it. A pretty cold one, and I don't think that I like it. I have become attached to my flip flop wearing lately, and was even thinking about getting a pedicure today. It is only 29 degrees. I don't think that is so much pedicure weather as I wish that it was.

Since I don't have much to say, I am going to go back to bed for a while. Why do I wake up at 8am on a Saturday? I am unsure, but  I know that my little napping partner is sitting right here next to me, and he wants a nap too. Snuggly Stan needs to learn how to make breakfast, and soon cause I am hungry.


Holidays are WAY more fun when you are in College

In the real world people don't go to bars at 6am to drink unreasonable amounts of booze-and then take finals....I got my only D in college thanks to St. Patty's Day!

The real world work does not pause for most holidays-unless you are a government employee or school teacher, and then you get REALLY great holidays.

Spring Break is not a work approved break. There will be no more weeks in the middle of spring where you can get a tan, get stupid and travel to dangerous countries with no cares in the world and daddy's credit card.-Unless you are a school teacher......Or take a week of vacation time to do this.-And then I am still pretty positive daddy will have cut you off from the credit card if you have a real job.

None the less.....After my Dr. Appt. Today I think that Dru and I might have to go to the local watering hole (bar) and have a drink in celebration of the holiday that today is. And to forget all my troubles.

Okay I can't drink too much since I will be going to WI tomorrow for work at the fun hour of 6am. And since I don't feel that great and will be getting surgery next Friday-intake should probably be limited to one drink....

I’m beginning to think that I should have been a school teacher.

Happy St. Patty's Day. Are you wearing Green?

Next installment of "Holidays are WAY more fun............"

Cinco De Mayo-Where the Corona and Margarita's flow like water when you are in college.


A Touch Of Sunshine

As I have mentioned before-Tuesdays are half off tanning days at my local tanning place.

Who would EVER pass up a weekly kiss of sun for 1/2 off??? Sure not me. But there is a catch to this tanning deal.

You have to go at times when other people are not there, Or you have to wait endless amounts of time. Because EVERYONE in small town Minnesota needs a touch of Sunshine on half off tanning days.

People in Minnesota are white, and rightfully so. They grew up in a place where it gets damn cold and snow is on the ground for 3 months of the year.

I ,on the other hand, am a California girl at heart. Tanning is my thing. I look much better tan, than I do pasty white. Tanning was sort of like a hobby for me when I was in CA. Lay in the sun, read a good book and relax with a beverage of choice. Ahh the days, I can almost feel the sunshine on my face, and the smell of warm asphalt while I lay in my driveway on my pretty green chair. (This could be done almost year round on the sunny central coast which I called home for 5 years)

Now I am in the "Frozen Tundra"-except we are thawing, so I need to change back my blog name to the "Midwest"...Thankfully we are done being frozen till winter next year, and then it will be 24 and Married in the ______________....Enter Location in the blank.

No Mom that does not mean we are moving, but I might have a cleverer name for the hell that is winter.

So the moral of the story is....

Go tanning at 8am when they open, because then you don't have to wait.

Everyone looks better Tan

I don't like the smell of my body or hair after I tan, so showering is not something that I wait around for.

I can't wait to lay on my pretty green chair in my backyard, and read a book, drink my drink of choice, and get eaten alive by bugs *I still live in the Midwest*

But at least I will be tan

cleverer-is a word, I looked it up. Just FYI


More than just Leaky Sinks

We officially have a leaky basement. A VERY leaky basement. As I type this I should probably go down and check the water, and suck it up with the shop vac. But I don't want to. I am too lazy and just don't want to. I just want the water to stop flowing into the basement.

Flowing into the room that was my new office for 1 week. Now my office is in the middle of the "man room" or as I like to call it "the basement" since I spend more time down there than the man, and last time I checked. I was not a man.

Leaky stuff SUCKS. The sink is still leaky, and now more leakyness at our home. This has just not been my month. I want March to fastforward and be over. because I don't think that March and I are getting along too well.

Peace love and Monday. Hoping your house is less leaky than mine.


Spring has Sprung

Here in the Frozen Tundra Spring is beginning. The snow has started to melt, and grass is popping up all over our back yard.

Trash also springs up from unknown places, since it was covered for 3 months. So that is a downfall. But non the less. I LOVE spring. Love sleeping in on a spring morning.

Which is what I get to do tomorrow, My poor husband has to get up early and go to work. Depending how I feel tomorrow. I want to get about and do things. Cute spring clothes are calling my name. Dresses, and cute flirty shoes.

I need some more clothes to keep up with the seasons and to make myself happy. We are n the poor stage of the newlywed phase so i can not go crazy. But some cute things would be great!, This is just an idea that a girl has. But I do know that I miss Trader joes a lot. and hopefully will be stopping by sometimes SOON.

I love homemade pizza's made at home with the hubby. Love them, they are awesome.

Okay, maybe a bit of randomnmess. But




Why does it seem that everything in this damn house springs a leak?

I guess that is what you get for being a home owner. but come on. Not cool. Now the bathroom sink is/has been leaking under the sink into the cabinet. For a while now. Cause everything was WET. My husband thought that he and our super handy neighbor (NOT) had fixed this sink a while ago.

Well plumbers they are NOT! Leaky sinks SUCK.

Frustrated with leaky sinks, I am! And it is 11pm and I can't sleep. So if I was a plumber I would fix this problem tonight. But since I am, not, the heater is hopefully drying out the wetness that is under our sink.

Jay Leno is not that exciting to watch. Just FYI.

Stan is having a mental breakdown for some reason or another and is making weird noises. I have a feeling it is because Dru has locked him out of the bedroom because Dru likes to sleep without being licked, bitten, or having wet kitty kisses at various times throughout the night.

I need a hobby for when I can't sleep. Like scrapbooking, or sewing or if i felt better working out?

Ideas are welcome. And if you are a plumber feel free to come over tomorrow and fix my leaky sink....


This week has gone by somewhat quickly. But I guess that is what happens when you feel like shit and don't do much. Then POOF.....Its Friday!

Sleep was not my friend last night. At all. I am going to need a nap for sure. Good thing I have a GREAT napping partner. And no it is not Dru. His name is Stan. We nap together. And when I work from bed, he naps in wait for me until I give into my sleepiness.

Stan has been sitting in front of my TV in the bedroom for the past 20 minutes. In the VERY middle. Just sitting. I am thinking that he might have eye issues. Maybe he can't see well, and really likes the TODAY show? Stan also has a small bump on his leg. It keeps growing, we are worried about it. But he is doing fine for now.

My Target. My most favorite store EVER. Now has produce. Super duper exciting if you ask me. Because now it can be a one stop shop. I don't have to go to different stores to get different things. I can just live at Target now. I do feel somewhat bad for our local grocery store since Target's growth is prob not so great for their business. But I am not from here, so I can be a Target girl from the beginning.

Joel McHale will be here the weekend of my bday. I think that we should go to his show. I love him, he cracks me up. If you want to get me a bday present. so far on my list is:

A new nice briefcase-somehow I think that I am going to convince my boss to get it for me :)---Not really but my one year anniv of working here is also the week before my bday. ONE YEAR. GO ME. I love my job

Tickets to Joel McHale. May 7th-Mystic Lake Casino 8pm

To feel better.

My bike to be fixed so I can cruise around the neighborhood

A headboard for "our" Bed. I say "our" with a lot of snarkyness. I usually say "my" bed. Dru's bed actually is in the spare room. I remind him of that when he snores. If you have not noticed I might have a hard time sharing things. Even though we are married.

For now that is all. Happy Friday to All.


Not Feeling SO Great

So even though I am pretty sure only friends and family read this blog. I don't think that it is the place where I expose everything about myself.

Did you watch HOUSE this week? Well I did. If you don't watch HOUSE then you have no idea what I am talking about, but oh well your loss.

So I am not going to talk about my medical problems, because that is not fun for you the readers. And I have already complained enough to my mom and husband.

So onto something new and more exciting. I Think.

It has been thunder and lightning here this morning. I didn't think that happened other than summer time. Isn't it supposed to be warm when that happens? Well it is warmer than it has been for the past few months. And the snow is melting. It is raining rather than snowing which is fine with me.

Thunder and Lightning scares me. I don't like it. My house was shaking. But I will take this shaking anyday than the shaking that has been happening in Chile. ANOTHER earthquake today. The world is PISSED, and well my coworker and I decided someone needed to be blamed. So we decided that our boss was at fault. We thought that he was a good person to blame.

I love my job and coworkers. They are so supportive. And my friends and family too. Thanks for the love.

I hope that Grey's is new tonight. I have not even checked.



So last night I was in the ER. One of my least favorite places EVER......

I have been having back pain for 2 weeks. I went to the Dr 2 times. They thought that it just was muscle pain. No big deal, physical therapy to get better. I could deal with that.

Well yesterday, more symptoms arose. Not good ones. really painful ones. I was going to wait it out and just hope that it got better. Even though I felt like my insides were getting ripped out of me. I had never felt this pain before in my life.

I broke down at 7pm and Dru and I went to the ER. I was there until 12pm, with no real answer to the problems that I was experiencing.

This is frustrating to me. I just want to know what is wrong with me. I will be going to the Dr. again today. Hopefully with some answers.

That is all for today. I am trying to relax. But working at the same time. working from home means that it is always available, so I am not wanting to get behind.


New office and Dr. Visits

I LOVE my office downstairs. It is making me much more productive. And the fridge is that much farther away. So maybe I will lose some LB's?

I would have to walk up the stairs to get to the fridge, and well not motivating enough. But I am hungry for bfast right now. Hopefully my husband wakes up soon, and then decides he is hungry too. Cause he is off work today. So that means breakfast for ME?

I am sure that he will wake up soon. The f'n animals sound like a herd of elephants. Why do they need to get up at 430am and get breakfast, and then scratch on our door? I don't know but it needs to STOP.

I went to the Dr. yesterday. I have been having really bad back pain, and then I had some tingling in my legs and butt so I went to the Dr.

He went through my charts and saw that I didn't know the last time that I had a tetnus shot. Well since i don't plan on getting bitten by a rabid animal I didn't think that it was necessary

But I got the damn shot anyway. This 80yr old woman came in. Told me to stand and relax my arm and then just stuck me. No bedside manner at ALL. No freaking lollipop afterwords, nothing. Not even a pretty bandaid.

Now my arm feels like I was punched really hard. But the good news is I won't be getting whopping cough anytime soon. (I didn't know that still existed) but they still vacinate for it anyways.

I have been reading the new Jodi Picoult book, because as my friend Reem says (I am slightly obsessed with her books) which is a true statement. This book is good. I like it a lot. But it leaves me with so many questions, and makes you wonder what you would do if you were in that situation. I won't ruin the book, since i know that not everyone has read it yet. But it is good. Promise.

I might be taking a trek all over Minneapolis today, which is fun and not fun, Since Alice the GPS sometimes is not that realiable, and I don't like to get lost.

Peace Love and Tuesday.


Monday's are not too Manic....Yet

So you know that song, "just another manic monday"...Well I think that my day is going to be good. Just judging by how it started.

I slept GREAT. Feel refreshed and ready for the week. No traveling this week, and it is "warm"..36 already this morning. Which is above freezing. And the snow is melting FAST. Hoping for it all to be GONE soon.

We have birds outside, I love the sound of birds, and it makes me think Spring.

We rented the movie "couples retreat" last night. NOT a good movie at all. Boring, and makes you think, why would I want to watch other couples fight? I mean I would go to Bora Bora in a heartbeat, but That was the only good part of the Movie.

GForce, MUCH better movie. We watched that this weekend too...Cute, funny and a good movie.

Now before you think that we watch movies and eat bon bon's all weekend, you are WRONG.

We were VERY productive this weekend. My office moved from upstairs to downstairs in a real office room. Where it is JUST an office. I am excited. I think that I am much more productive downstairs. I will have to bundle up since it is a little chilly down there but it is ALMOST summer, so I am not worried.

That means that we now have a spare bedroom upstairs. With a bed, so visitors are welcome. Well with advance notice, but we would love to have you visit.

Peace and Love for Monday.

And one of my good friends got engaged this weekend. I am so excited. Yay for weddings. And also important are bachelorette parties. Congrats, I am so happy for you.

Her future husband caught the garter at our wedding....I think that might be a sign.

Kyla, didn't you catch the bouquet?


Sunday Thoughts

Thought: It was 930 am. Nope really 730 am..........Oh well I am awake now

Thought: I had not yet read James Patterson's book "the 8th", turns out I read it when it came out in Summer...But am still reading it now again just because

Thought: I am more productive when my office is downstairs..........Reality, my husband is the BesT and we switched the downstairs "storage" room into my office and now we have a spare bedroom upstairs again. PRODUCTIVE Saturday

Thought: I need more coffee....Why can't Stan or Molly bring me some?

Peace, Love and Sunday



Since I will not have time to blog tomorrow....Why not blog today for tomorrow??
My mom brought up a disturbing fact.

She STILL has my bath toys from when I was a small child.

I BET they are growing gross nasty things like the ones on the TODAY show.

OR maybe they have sprouted some sort of medical scientifical drug that saves someones life?

Or just MAYBE. My mom Saves


and mails them to me in small bits via my dad's UPS account.

MOM-If you mail me those toy's I will not talk to you for a long long time.


Or I might mail you something in return. Because I bet that I can figure out Dad's UPS thingie too....

Actually I remember after my husband mailed your christmas package to the wrong address, he TOLD me I could use the account.

I'm mailing you STAN if you mail me gross TOYS

Gosh, I am kind of sad I will miss whatever GROSS segment the TODAY show airs tomorrow morning, since I will be on a plane.

Maybe I will DVR it just in case?

PS Stan poop's A LOT, and I will mail him GROUND not AIR...because I don't want to spend too much of Dad's hard earned money. And he will be more stinky that way.

Just warnin!

Come ON TODAY show

All I have to say is that I am glad that I don't have children. I am already refusing to purchase underware, now I would also have to never bathe my children.

Why does the TODAY show decide to run gross stories before most people have had their 3 cups of coffee? I am going to have to find another show to watch in the morning when I am "waking" up, because the fact that I actually gagged when they opened up a bath toy on the segment, is just not okay. I don't want to puke up my coffee....Not the point of relaxing and email'n from bed in the mornings.

NE ways. Now that I have ranted about the TODAY show for 2 mornings in a row. Things are good here. I worked out with my trainer yesterday, and it was great. My arms hurt pretty bad today, but at least I can sit down this week. Last week we focused more on legs, and yesterday more on arms.

I am off to the southern part of the country tomorrow morning. Which means that I have to wake up EARLY. I have not been an early riser lately. Not looking forward to it. But I am gone for about 24 hours. and the Airport is right next to the Mall of America. So I might need to stop in for a look at some stores I miss, and Sushi for lunch??? Hmmm this sounds like a great plan :)

Peace Love and a Fab Wednesday to you all!


Gross, Gross and Gross

The TODAY show crossed the line this morning. It is not even 8 am and I am grossed out, over today and ready for a new one.

Did you know that you can wear underwear and then return them if you don't "like" them??? What the F.

No you can't! There is a moral code and this is just not okay in so many ways. Underwear, panties, whatever you choose to call the items that you wear on your bottom half. Are items, which just are not shared? Let alone by strangers.

I don't want your gohnaherpasyphlisis........................

Thanks, TODAY show. But I don't need/want to know.

I will be freeballin it from now on.

Just saying. Only way to keep yourself germ free



Napping should be a normal part of the day.

Enough Said. I NEED a nap