So last night I was in the ER. One of my least favorite places EVER......

I have been having back pain for 2 weeks. I went to the Dr 2 times. They thought that it just was muscle pain. No big deal, physical therapy to get better. I could deal with that.

Well yesterday, more symptoms arose. Not good ones. really painful ones. I was going to wait it out and just hope that it got better. Even though I felt like my insides were getting ripped out of me. I had never felt this pain before in my life.

I broke down at 7pm and Dru and I went to the ER. I was there until 12pm, with no real answer to the problems that I was experiencing.

This is frustrating to me. I just want to know what is wrong with me. I will be going to the Dr. again today. Hopefully with some answers.

That is all for today. I am trying to relax. But working at the same time. working from home means that it is always available, so I am not wanting to get behind.

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