A Touch Of Sunshine

As I have mentioned before-Tuesdays are half off tanning days at my local tanning place.

Who would EVER pass up a weekly kiss of sun for 1/2 off??? Sure not me. But there is a catch to this tanning deal.

You have to go at times when other people are not there, Or you have to wait endless amounts of time. Because EVERYONE in small town Minnesota needs a touch of Sunshine on half off tanning days.

People in Minnesota are white, and rightfully so. They grew up in a place where it gets damn cold and snow is on the ground for 3 months of the year.

I ,on the other hand, am a California girl at heart. Tanning is my thing. I look much better tan, than I do pasty white. Tanning was sort of like a hobby for me when I was in CA. Lay in the sun, read a good book and relax with a beverage of choice. Ahh the days, I can almost feel the sunshine on my face, and the smell of warm asphalt while I lay in my driveway on my pretty green chair. (This could be done almost year round on the sunny central coast which I called home for 5 years)

Now I am in the "Frozen Tundra"-except we are thawing, so I need to change back my blog name to the "Midwest"...Thankfully we are done being frozen till winter next year, and then it will be 24 and Married in the ______________....Enter Location in the blank.

No Mom that does not mean we are moving, but I might have a cleverer name for the hell that is winter.

So the moral of the story is....

Go tanning at 8am when they open, because then you don't have to wait.

Everyone looks better Tan

I don't like the smell of my body or hair after I tan, so showering is not something that I wait around for.

I can't wait to lay on my pretty green chair in my backyard, and read a book, drink my drink of choice, and get eaten alive by bugs *I still live in the Midwest*

But at least I will be tan

cleverer-is a word, I looked it up. Just FYI

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  1. Coming from So Cal to Alaska - I hear you on this!