Holidays are WAY more fun when you are in College

In the real world people don't go to bars at 6am to drink unreasonable amounts of booze-and then take finals....I got my only D in college thanks to St. Patty's Day!

The real world work does not pause for most holidays-unless you are a government employee or school teacher, and then you get REALLY great holidays.

Spring Break is not a work approved break. There will be no more weeks in the middle of spring where you can get a tan, get stupid and travel to dangerous countries with no cares in the world and daddy's credit card.-Unless you are a school teacher......Or take a week of vacation time to do this.-And then I am still pretty positive daddy will have cut you off from the credit card if you have a real job.

None the less.....After my Dr. Appt. Today I think that Dru and I might have to go to the local watering hole (bar) and have a drink in celebration of the holiday that today is. And to forget all my troubles.

Okay I can't drink too much since I will be going to WI tomorrow for work at the fun hour of 6am. And since I don't feel that great and will be getting surgery next Friday-intake should probably be limited to one drink....

I’m beginning to think that I should have been a school teacher.

Happy St. Patty's Day. Are you wearing Green?

Next installment of "Holidays are WAY more fun............"

Cinco De Mayo-Where the Corona and Margarita's flow like water when you are in college.


  1. So you did decide on the surgery? I'll be thinking of you! I'm sure you will do fine!

    And sometimes I really wonder why I was so anxious to get into the "real" world!

  2. This is true unless you live in SF...in which case everyone cuts work early to start drinking at 3pm and is blacked out by 9...the streets were insane last night because of all the block parties!