Why does it seem that everything in this damn house springs a leak?

I guess that is what you get for being a home owner. but come on. Not cool. Now the bathroom sink is/has been leaking under the sink into the cabinet. For a while now. Cause everything was WET. My husband thought that he and our super handy neighbor (NOT) had fixed this sink a while ago.

Well plumbers they are NOT! Leaky sinks SUCK.

Frustrated with leaky sinks, I am! And it is 11pm and I can't sleep. So if I was a plumber I would fix this problem tonight. But since I am, not, the heater is hopefully drying out the wetness that is under our sink.

Jay Leno is not that exciting to watch. Just FYI.

Stan is having a mental breakdown for some reason or another and is making weird noises. I have a feeling it is because Dru has locked him out of the bedroom because Dru likes to sleep without being licked, bitten, or having wet kitty kisses at various times throughout the night.

I need a hobby for when I can't sleep. Like scrapbooking, or sewing or if i felt better working out?

Ideas are welcome. And if you are a plumber feel free to come over tomorrow and fix my leaky sink....

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