This week has gone by somewhat quickly. But I guess that is what happens when you feel like shit and don't do much. Then POOF.....Its Friday!

Sleep was not my friend last night. At all. I am going to need a nap for sure. Good thing I have a GREAT napping partner. And no it is not Dru. His name is Stan. We nap together. And when I work from bed, he naps in wait for me until I give into my sleepiness.

Stan has been sitting in front of my TV in the bedroom for the past 20 minutes. In the VERY middle. Just sitting. I am thinking that he might have eye issues. Maybe he can't see well, and really likes the TODAY show? Stan also has a small bump on his leg. It keeps growing, we are worried about it. But he is doing fine for now.

My Target. My most favorite store EVER. Now has produce. Super duper exciting if you ask me. Because now it can be a one stop shop. I don't have to go to different stores to get different things. I can just live at Target now. I do feel somewhat bad for our local grocery store since Target's growth is prob not so great for their business. But I am not from here, so I can be a Target girl from the beginning.

Joel McHale will be here the weekend of my bday. I think that we should go to his show. I love him, he cracks me up. If you want to get me a bday present. so far on my list is:

A new nice briefcase-somehow I think that I am going to convince my boss to get it for me :)---Not really but my one year anniv of working here is also the week before my bday. ONE YEAR. GO ME. I love my job

Tickets to Joel McHale. May 7th-Mystic Lake Casino 8pm

To feel better.

My bike to be fixed so I can cruise around the neighborhood

A headboard for "our" Bed. I say "our" with a lot of snarkyness. I usually say "my" bed. Dru's bed actually is in the spare room. I remind him of that when he snores. If you have not noticed I might have a hard time sharing things. Even though we are married.

For now that is all. Happy Friday to All.

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