Health Care-I don't care what you THINK.....

I know that everyone has their own view, and political differences. But is it really necessary to talk politics on social networking sites such as fb???

If you have around 600 friends, there is a really really good chance that people will not agree with you. We are friends with different people for different reasons.

Political views is not a screening device when I pick my friends. Hell, it wasn't even a factor when I picked my husband...(Dru, just roll with me on this and for arguments sake, I picked you)......So I most likely don't think the same way that you do.

Why do people find it necessary to tell the entire world (That is basically what FB is) what they think about the new healthcare bill? Why do I care what you think, and why do you care what I think? That’s the thing. Everyone gets to have their own opinion.

The way that you vote, dress, drive, and hell, the way you prefer your roll of paper to face on the toilet paper roll, IS UP TO YOU. So, don't tell me what you think about healthcare, unless I ask. Because I DON'T CARE. You are most likely looking for a fight, because people don't agree.

Let's just agree to disagree, and quit posting off the wall thoughts on facebook..... DEAL?

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  1. I completely agree...FB is NOT a place for your political platform! So annoying!