Sad Morning in our House

Baby Stan is currently under the knife. He is getting his manhood removed this morning, as well as his front claws.

We decided to do the claws, because Molly has none, so it was only fair. We like to play fair in our house...

Since a no food diet was ordered for Stan, Molly had to follow suit. Lets just say that there were some VERY hungry members of this house this morning. And CRANKY....No food=not happy kitties.

Stan had to inform me that his fat belly was starving this morning at 4am. Did I care at that point? Not at all. I was annoyed, and he kept biting my wedding rings. He likes Bling. If he ever proposed to his gf( molly) He would present her with a pretty blue box. He likes to read the Tiffany Catalog as well :)

It is a sad morning here. Molly and I are lost without the loud, bodybuilder (he walks and sits like he has HUGE muscles) of our family. It is way too quiet here. So we are working and cuddling.

Stan will return Thursday morning. So until then. It will be peaceful.

Peace, Love and Happy Tuesday.

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