What makes you happy?

I have discovered that the little things in life make me happy. Not big gestures, but small things.

A pedicure, because that means that I am wearing shoes where you can see my toes. Which also implies that there is no snow on the ground. Which makes me HAPPY

Flowers. Pretty flowers from a co-worker to wish me luck with my surgery, and to brighten my day. Pretty Tulips from a neighbor and friend because she was thinking of me. Spring!

Playful Kitties. The funny things that they do. They are so entertaining. And they cuddle and sleep all the time, so that is nice too.

Sunshine. Brightens my day, and warms me up.

Getting mail. Not email, but real mail. I love getting mail. And I love sending mail.

Sleeping in. I wish that I could sleep in whenever I wanted to. I wish that "your friends" (as Dru calls the kitties) when they are knocking on our bedroom door at early morning hours would let us sleep in.

Owning a house. Leakyness aside, it feels nice to be a homeowner. Makes me feel grown up and responsible. Owning a house at 23 is a pretty cool feeling.

Looking at wedding pictures. Reminds me of the love that Dru and I have for eachother, and the beautiful wedding that we shared with friends and family.

Family. I love knowing that I can call my mom whenever I want to and she will be available to talk to me. Or help me problem solve, or just chat. Or chat with the Verizon lady because I am not as "grown up" as I thought, and my mom is still the account holder for my phone :)

Being able to blog when I am on hold with blackberry, because I work from home. Listening to the annoying music on speaker phone.

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