New office and Dr. Visits

I LOVE my office downstairs. It is making me much more productive. And the fridge is that much farther away. So maybe I will lose some LB's?

I would have to walk up the stairs to get to the fridge, and well not motivating enough. But I am hungry for bfast right now. Hopefully my husband wakes up soon, and then decides he is hungry too. Cause he is off work today. So that means breakfast for ME?

I am sure that he will wake up soon. The f'n animals sound like a herd of elephants. Why do they need to get up at 430am and get breakfast, and then scratch on our door? I don't know but it needs to STOP.

I went to the Dr. yesterday. I have been having really bad back pain, and then I had some tingling in my legs and butt so I went to the Dr.

He went through my charts and saw that I didn't know the last time that I had a tetnus shot. Well since i don't plan on getting bitten by a rabid animal I didn't think that it was necessary

But I got the damn shot anyway. This 80yr old woman came in. Told me to stand and relax my arm and then just stuck me. No bedside manner at ALL. No freaking lollipop afterwords, nothing. Not even a pretty bandaid.

Now my arm feels like I was punched really hard. But the good news is I won't be getting whopping cough anytime soon. (I didn't know that still existed) but they still vacinate for it anyways.

I have been reading the new Jodi Picoult book, because as my friend Reem says (I am slightly obsessed with her books) which is a true statement. This book is good. I like it a lot. But it leaves me with so many questions, and makes you wonder what you would do if you were in that situation. I won't ruin the book, since i know that not everyone has read it yet. But it is good. Promise.

I might be taking a trek all over Minneapolis today, which is fun and not fun, Since Alice the GPS sometimes is not that realiable, and I don't like to get lost.

Peace Love and Tuesday.

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