Spring has Sprung

Here in the Frozen Tundra Spring is beginning. The snow has started to melt, and grass is popping up all over our back yard.

Trash also springs up from unknown places, since it was covered for 3 months. So that is a downfall. But non the less. I LOVE spring. Love sleeping in on a spring morning.

Which is what I get to do tomorrow, My poor husband has to get up early and go to work. Depending how I feel tomorrow. I want to get about and do things. Cute spring clothes are calling my name. Dresses, and cute flirty shoes.

I need some more clothes to keep up with the seasons and to make myself happy. We are n the poor stage of the newlywed phase so i can not go crazy. But some cute things would be great!, This is just an idea that a girl has. But I do know that I miss Trader joes a lot. and hopefully will be stopping by sometimes SOON.

I love homemade pizza's made at home with the hubby. Love them, they are awesome.

Okay, maybe a bit of randomnmess. But


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