Monday's are not too Manic....Yet

So you know that song, "just another manic monday"...Well I think that my day is going to be good. Just judging by how it started.

I slept GREAT. Feel refreshed and ready for the week. No traveling this week, and it is "warm"..36 already this morning. Which is above freezing. And the snow is melting FAST. Hoping for it all to be GONE soon.

We have birds outside, I love the sound of birds, and it makes me think Spring.

We rented the movie "couples retreat" last night. NOT a good movie at all. Boring, and makes you think, why would I want to watch other couples fight? I mean I would go to Bora Bora in a heartbeat, but That was the only good part of the Movie.

GForce, MUCH better movie. We watched that this weekend too...Cute, funny and a good movie.

Now before you think that we watch movies and eat bon bon's all weekend, you are WRONG.

We were VERY productive this weekend. My office moved from upstairs to downstairs in a real office room. Where it is JUST an office. I am excited. I think that I am much more productive downstairs. I will have to bundle up since it is a little chilly down there but it is ALMOST summer, so I am not worried.

That means that we now have a spare bedroom upstairs. With a bed, so visitors are welcome. Well with advance notice, but we would love to have you visit.

Peace and Love for Monday.

And one of my good friends got engaged this weekend. I am so excited. Yay for weddings. And also important are bachelorette parties. Congrats, I am so happy for you.

Her future husband caught the garter at our wedding....I think that might be a sign.

Kyla, didn't you catch the bouquet?

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