Since I will not have time to blog tomorrow....Why not blog today for tomorrow??
My mom brought up a disturbing fact.

She STILL has my bath toys from when I was a small child.

I BET they are growing gross nasty things like the ones on the TODAY show.

OR maybe they have sprouted some sort of medical scientifical drug that saves someones life?

Or just MAYBE. My mom Saves


and mails them to me in small bits via my dad's UPS account.

MOM-If you mail me those toy's I will not talk to you for a long long time.


Or I might mail you something in return. Because I bet that I can figure out Dad's UPS thingie too....

Actually I remember after my husband mailed your christmas package to the wrong address, he TOLD me I could use the account.

I'm mailing you STAN if you mail me gross TOYS

Gosh, I am kind of sad I will miss whatever GROSS segment the TODAY show airs tomorrow morning, since I will be on a plane.

Maybe I will DVR it just in case?

PS Stan poop's A LOT, and I will mail him GROUND not AIR...because I don't want to spend too much of Dad's hard earned money. And he will be more stinky that way.

Just warnin!

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  1. I love you and will miss you in the morning. have a safe flight. you make me laugh an smile an if i do mail them i know you will still talk to me. and i will be waiting for Stan. Ps are you getting a rental car?