Come ON TODAY show

All I have to say is that I am glad that I don't have children. I am already refusing to purchase underware, now I would also have to never bathe my children.

Why does the TODAY show decide to run gross stories before most people have had their 3 cups of coffee? I am going to have to find another show to watch in the morning when I am "waking" up, because the fact that I actually gagged when they opened up a bath toy on the segment, is just not okay. I don't want to puke up my coffee....Not the point of relaxing and email'n from bed in the mornings.

NE ways. Now that I have ranted about the TODAY show for 2 mornings in a row. Things are good here. I worked out with my trainer yesterday, and it was great. My arms hurt pretty bad today, but at least I can sit down this week. Last week we focused more on legs, and yesterday more on arms.

I am off to the southern part of the country tomorrow morning. Which means that I have to wake up EARLY. I have not been an early riser lately. Not looking forward to it. But I am gone for about 24 hours. and the Airport is right next to the Mall of America. So I might need to stop in for a look at some stores I miss, and Sushi for lunch??? Hmmm this sounds like a great plan :)

Peace Love and a Fab Wednesday to you all!

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  1. Oh my I do have your tub toys in a ziplock under the bathroom sink! Could be in the next UPS box to you. But as for worries and the Today show I would be be more concerned bout the air traffic controler.