Making New Friends.

I have to admit, when we moved here. Making friends was on the back of my mind. Not really registering as something that I would need to do. I had friends and I was happy that I had a new job, a fiance who is was the love of my life. What more could a girl ask for?

Friends had always come pretty easily for both Dru and I. We moved knowing that we were both excited for a new place and that we had eachother. I was more worried about my new job and keeping busy moving, working and settling down in a new town. It never really dawned on me, that since I worked from home, it was going to be pretty difficult to meet new people. I didn't interact with people on a daily basis. Not people in my town. Dru and I would go out and have drinks at happy hour and people watch, but never really thought about how we would meet "our people". Granted, we were happy, loving life. But both thinking, things are more fun with friends.

Last summer we had a lot of wedding things on the horizon. Parties at home, showers, and then the big day. Those all included friends that we had. Friends that would be with us no matter what. But they were not here with us in the Midwest. We basically had "us". It was fine for a while. And still us time is really important. But I wanted to meet people.

Growing up in a small town, I was used to seeing people everywhere. Gas Stations, places to eat, grocery store, you would run into someone who you knew through something. Chat, say hi. Things like that.

I was in a sorority in college. I was surrounded with the best girls, and some who became lifelong friends. We were a team. we did events, activities and just hung out. All together.

When you move across the country, you don't have all that anymore.

How do you meet friends? Well that is what I realized tonight at my WAWT meeting. I have found amazing women, who all want to organize a group, to help, support, socialize and make lifetime friendships along the way.

The women in the Waconia Area Women of Today are awesome. We all have different life styles, jobs, accountability to different people. and things happening, but we are a group.

Being a part of this group since Oct. has allowed me to make friendships. These women are funny, supporting, caring, loving and true friends. I feel that they like me because of me. We listen to eachother ideas, bring new ones, and plan our calender. for the next "trimester"....I am just grateful that we have chances to hang out. I can't wait to see these friendships evolve. I want to be able to be there for them, and hope that it will be the same way viceversa.

I am blessed. I am blessed to have such a great support system here, there and everywhere.

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