About an hour ago, this post was going to be about how much I hated Verizon. I was honestly so mad at them, I was ready to get an iphone. But AT&T sucks, and has shitty service here, so that would not be super fun...

After a few days of endless hours spent on the phone with customer service to solve my email problems. Verizon has made me a happy customer.

I am getting a new phone. For only 29 dollars. Yes, a brand spanking new blackberry. Because mine was not working right, and there was no solving the problem.

The remedy, a new phone. Without the stupid roller ball thingie, that sticks and sucks. A new version of the Blackberry will be coming my way, overnight shipping for free.

My customer service guy made me a new believer in customer service. He was great.

I am happy. Enough Said!

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  1. Good! I'm glad they won you over! That is exactly what customer service people should be doing!

    But I have to say, I love my iphone! :)