Email from my boss............


(company/people name deleted to protect my job)

After careful and lengthy discussions, _________ and I have made a very difficult decision regarding _____. As you know the extensive travel I endure has a great impact on me and my family. We have agreed that I cannot sustain this pace much longer. This summer I will begin looking for employment in the_____ area with the intent of eliminating any job related travel. This means that we expect to close down______by fall or at the end of the year at the latest. We are both committed to seeing that each of you make a successful transition to your next job. We will be providing generous out placement service as well as severance package. It goes without saying that this was a very difficult decision. Please call me with questions.

Happy April Fool’s Day! Gotcha!


  1. That's just plain mean! I would have cried! :(

  2. Oh wow! That is seriously intense!