Driving Skills, Or lack thereof

So those of you that know me, or have rode in a car with me. I would not say that I am the BEST driver ever, but I am not horrible.

I passed my CA drivers test the first time on my 16th birthday. Only had 1 ticket right after I turned 16, and that was because of the a-hole cop that lives in an unnamed town by mine. (Dad I think you know who I am talking about :)

I moved to Sweden and was not able to drive when I was there. This was fine with me. Public Transportation and I became great friends. The bus came and picked me up and I went on my way-rain, snow, sleet, sun...you get the picture.

I did drive once in Sweden, but that was due to a mishap with a roundabout by my grandfather, which is an entirely different story for a different day. But I learned to drive a stick VERY quickly and broke many many laws that day.

Well I got a new car before we moved to MN. We had to say goodbye to the "tractor" as my college roommates would call it. The tractor had lived a great life, and had lots of memories. But the tractor had a lot of miles (250,000+) and was going downhill...

I had graduated from college it was time to move on. We did not know that we would be moving to MN when this car was purchased, so we got a 4dr Toyota...Cute car, great condition, blah blah blah.

Well we moved to MN where there is SNOW in the winter. I don't think that I have ever driven in the snow before. And well I am not very good at it. As the dent in the back of my car speaks for itself, and the TICKET I got from the asshole cop back in December.

Yes I got a ticket in December. For "failure to yield" or some shit like that. Not cool. The roads were slippery; the other guy was going really really fast. He hit me, NOT MY FAULT.

I even had on a really cute dress, cute boots and my hair was done. Come on. I'm from CA. I am CRYING, sobbing in fact; please don't give me a ticket

Well I got one. Then I put it away and never thought about it that much until I would remember usually when I was with my WAWT friends. They kept telling me that I was going to go to jail if I didn't pay it. In MN they don't mail you a bill, your ticket IS the bill. And so on.

Well did I listen? Nope. I got a letter/summons in the mail yesterday. Threatening to take away my license (or maybe they already did?) If I didn't pay the fee.

SO what is in the mail today? A check from me to the MN court for $135...boooooo that is a new pair of jeans or something cute for my house, or well the list can go on. But I am not happy.

Did I mention that it took me 2 tries to pass the MN drivers license test :)


  1. You lived in Sweden?!? I did too :) What city?

  2. I know that is aggravating, but I found it quite funny! I'm glad they won't be hauling you off to jail any time soon!