Mom's Like Me?

So if you watch KARE 11. You most likely know what "mom's like me" is. Or well, I think that they have them other places too. 

A woman actually let them follow her through her childbirth journey here in Minnesota. 

Anyways, that is not the point. I think that it is great, there is a site for "mom's that are like each other"....

But, Where is the "23 and married, and I like to Drink wine, and I don't sleep around and I am not annoying, and I don't take your stuff, or knock on your door when I am not invited, and can share clothes, and like to sunbathe, and read books, and won't fight about politics with you, and did I mention drink wine"....Group like me?

Just saying, 
Meeting people when you are not in college is harder. You don't go to a party or have sorority sisters to introduce you to people. you don't go eat fro yo a lot in the evenings, Shit we don't even leave our house in the evenings a lot. Not a lot to do in our little town. 

We are not bar flies *but go occasionally*....we don't go to church. But we do enjoy bonfires, playing games, camping....Gosh I feel like we are pimping ourselves out here. Sorry. 

I love my group that I am in, don't get me wrong, but I think that it would be fun for Dru and I to meet some couples our age to mingle with Or maybe just couples without kids. Because the neighbor kids DRIVE ME NUTS. 

I have my own furry kids at home, and they are enough work for now. And did I mention that Molly has been taking a shit EVERY TIME I decide to take a shower? I think that she is mad at me for some reason, but it is NOT COOL to be stinked out while enjoying a refreshing shower. 

Maybe I will just stop showering, I am sure I will find a lot of friends that way?

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  1. Hey Erin! Thanks so much for finding my blog and commenting! I totally get where you are coming from in this post - it's SO hard to make new friends when you are not at the same station as the rest of your age group. Believe me, I can relate - I'm the only married 37 year old I know who hasn't had a baby and somedays I wonder if I can sacrifice my nightly wine for the ten months of incubation!! lol

    If you need anything, feel free to give me a shout !