New additions to the home

So I blogged recently about our new boat. Which I am becoming more and more okay with. If it makes him happy then why not just go with it?

I went on the boat yesterday. It was not the warmest of days, and I most certainly did not get a tan, because I was covered up. But when the sun is warmer, you bet that I will be sitting in the middle of that boat, in my comfy chair, tanning my body while the hubby fishes.

Fishing is boring. And I got hungry about an hour into the activity. I was reading a book. But not one that I love, so i could not keep the hunger away. Hunger is just one of those things, if something good is happening, you can usually wait a little while.

Well fishing is just that boring that my hunger would not go away.

Speaking of hunger, I made Chinese Chicken Salad for dinner. The homemade kid. Delicious and EASY

1 tablespoon of Soy Sauce, Sugar, Rice Wine Vinegar
2 Tablespoon of Sesame Oil
Some sesame seeds
Mix, Chill and Serve

Whatever you like in it. We did a head of Lettuce and Chicken

Yummy and delicious on a spring day.

And we GOT A WII....I know that you people are like, damn. These people spend a lot of money lately.

But the boat was well deserved by my husband, he also sold some other "toy's" to get that boat.

The WII is a bday present to both of us, from both of us. His is next week, mine in a few.

The WII is so much fun. I am proud to say that I am NOT OBEASE. But just "overweight" according to the WII fit :)

And I am younger than Dru, Both in WII age, and well real life too :)

Just reminded me, off to do my WII workout for the morning. Why am I up so early on A Sunday?
Truth: I thought it was Monday..............ooppppssss


  1. Ha! I thought yesterday was Sunday for half the day. I think the boat will be awesome for you this summer. Get some cute bathing suits and good books. Congrats on the Wii too!

  2. It is bout time ya got with the real world and got a Wii. Your mother has one! and it is Sunday allday. love ya mom