Wednesday at Nordstrom Rack....

Today I must take the hubby to the airport for his adventures home. I have a haunting feeling that this is going to involve rush hour traffic, since he likes to get to the airport good and early. Ya know, just incase...

Well this is good for me. You see, the mall of America is located VERY close to the Minneapolis airport. Close enough on a wednesday night, that I might not have to drive around for 20mins looking for a parking spot, and will be able to go to Nordstrom rack, get those shoes that I want, and not stand in line for hours and hours.

The mall of america is HUGE. so huge in fact that everyone and their mom decides to go there on weekends. Which I will not be doing again. I don't really like to stand in lines. It is that factor that I feel I have WAY more things to be doing than wasting my time in a line.

So wednesday night at the mall of america, I have a date. With some shoes, and probably some sushi. Just because I am not 100% positive that I will get my sushi tomorrow night in vegas, so I should get some tonight too....

I love sushi, have I mentioned that before? Minnesota is not the place to love sushi.

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  1. I love shoes...I would love to go shopping at Nordstrom's. Hope you had fun! And I hate lines, I will not stand in lines, nothing is worth standing in a long line! I'm a new follower to your blog!