How do you spend your day of Birth?

Every year for the past 2 years I have spent my birthday with my Mom.

She did not join me for my 21st, because well, who wants mom to see you throw up all over because you "induldged" in a few too many drinks? Because it WAS your 21st birthday, and you had Never (Cough, cough) indulded in an adult beverage before.....

But I am proud to say that my mommy will be joing me for my 24th birthday this year!! She is coming all the way across the great states to hang out with me.

Did I mention that my birthday happens to ALWAYS fall sometime within a week of Mothers Day?

This year it IS on Mothers Day. So it seems only appropiate that the Mother that birthed me should go to brunch and drink mimosa's and lots o wine for a week to celebrate birthdays and mothers day.

RIGHT??? I do think so.

So, Mom...Super excited that you are coming to visit the great State of Minnesota in May. Hopefully it will be WARM. Maybe we can even get a tan?

Bithday Countdown Begins!

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