Exciting Things Happening

This weekend is going to be GREAT, Awesome and all kinds of cool. I promise. I am that excited about the weekend.

Dru has tomorrow off. That does not necessarily mean that we will be hanging out ALL day, but it is a good thing.

The thing is, Dru has a new love in his life. Something that is way cooler than his wife for the time being.

There is a BOAT in our backyard. Dru bought a boat. He has been talking about a boat for a VERY long time and now we are the new proud owners of a boat.

This boat is not necessarily my kind of boat. And that only means that there is not a platform for my pretty green lounge chair. I have not yet figured out the plan of action that invoves me getting a tan, and not getting splashed, or smelling like fish. But I will figure out the details soon. Or just be dropped off on the island and tan and then get picked back up when I am golden brown, out of cold beverages, and hungry.

Another exciting thing that is happening this weekend, is that we are going to have a garden. We have a plot of dirt, that has been tilled up, and is ready for my planting skills. Or lackthereof. I have never planted a garden in my lifetime. But I am so excited to try.

I am hoping for yummy veggies for the summer months grown by myself.

The subject of the pesky weeds that will most likely turn up in said garden, have not yet been addressed, but I know that i HATE pulling weeds. So I might have to hire a garden boy?


  1. Fun to meet you in blogland, neighbor! A boat-how exciting! Every one in Minnesota needs a boat, right? I am in my third year of garden veggie planting. Keep me posted how it's going for you and let me know if you have any questions. I'm not a pro by any means, but learning as I go!

  2. I am beyond jealous that you have a garden. The fresh veggies will be amazing. The boat sounds cool too. Lucky you guys!