I went to Vegas for less than 24 hours, and I am home. I didn't win any great money. I went to a conference. I traveled. I flew first class, with a coach ticket. I went, I saw a great friend I had sushi and now I am back in the Midwest.

I can say that the highlight of my trip was seeing my friend Kristen. I did not realize that not seeing a best friend for a lot of months had made me that warped, until I had saw a friend. Friends like her, are one's that you meet in college, yet wish that you had known since you were born. Things are the same. Things have not changed since you were last together. That is friendship, and I am so happy I have a friend like her.

Yet, she is thin. I am jealous that she is thin (and looks great). I am pretty sure that I am A LOT larger than her. I should have brought all my cute jeans that don't fit me anymore, and they probably would have been big on her. She looks great. Jealousy is the best flattery. Kristen you look great, and will be happy no matter what/where you are. Or what you are doing. You are an awesome person, and I am happy to call you my friend. You are always welcome to share a hotel room with me, or play stupid *texas tina* slot machines, eat sushi, come to the midwest, or just be a friend. Because I adore you. I am happy to call you "friend down the hall" for life.

Now to the title of my post. Nuskin...

Have you ever used it? have you put it on your wounds, and let it heal? Well I have. It reminds me of my grandpa. It burns, yet feels so good and heals. It fixes the millions of blister's that you get when you buy new shoes for a conference in Vegas. It makes your tired feet, that are broken, fixed. It will always remind me of my grandpa, yet I am glad of that.

Now you may wonder why it reminds me of grandpa. Isn't that strange? Yes, it is. but there is a story. A story of a little girl. Who's grandpa loved her lots and lots. (it is a "loved" because he is no longer with us, but a story for a different day). Grandpa was a tough love type of guy. A be strong, not a crier. I love yet resent him for that. It made me stronger for sure.

That is the NewSkin story. This stuff (NewSkin) stings like a bitch. Hurts when you put it on raw skin. Smells like shit. But he swore by it. Fixed ya right up. Bandaids were for babies. NewSkin, was a bandaid, that instantly worked. So I put it on my sore, blistered feet today. Made me miss him, lots. Hoping it heals my feet. Made me think back, miss him yet made me think of other things in my life that I wish I had NewSkin for.

I hurt. I hurt really bad again. I feel broken. Like my insides are fighting with my body. I was so in pain today I could hardly walk. I am still in pain, as I go to bed. I want NewSkin for my endometriosis. I want a fix to all this shit that sucks. I want to feel better. I want to be pain free. I want to be worry free. I want to not hurt.

It is not that easy. I don't want an easy fix per-say. I want a fix, does not have to be easy. I am strong. I can handle the sting when you "apply" but I want it gone. I want to know that whatever my next step is, that it will work. So that is what I go to bed thinking. I hope to wake up and feel better. I need to sleep, I need to feel better.

I know I am not the only one with endometriosis, I know that I am not the only one that hurts. But I know that is sucks, and I need some NewSkin for it.

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  1. Don't you just love the little things that bring back memories? If I hear a certain song, it will take me back to that place. I just love it! My grandpa has also passed, so I LOVE when something makes me think of him!

    I am so sorry to hear that you're in a lot of pain. I don't have endo so I can't understand how you feel, but I just wanted to say keep your head up. I know that it probably sucks, and it may be one of the worst things in your life, but don't let it get your spirit down!!