Going to the Lady Dr.

I have been to the Lady Dr. (well he is really a man) enough in the past few months, to make up for years and years. I know that most women hate the lady dr. and I am not saying that I enjoy it persay. But I am getting used to having a random person touch my lady parts.

Can you get used to something like that? Anywho, TMI for a Wednesday, just letting ya know that I am going BACK to the lady dr. today to hopefully try to figure something out. PS. If I seem a little loopy lately it is because I have been taking some extreme painkillers lately. Like head loopyness inducing painkillers. But want to know the weird part. I still am having pain, like weird little stabs of crampy pain in my front abdomen, and my back. Not so great. Looking forward to getting that figured out soon. And for the head loopyness to go away.

I realized that my blogging is boring me lately. Nothing exciting has been happening in my life. Nothing funny, just plain nothing. Well unless you count going to the lady dr.

I am so excited that we are having visitors here in the midwest this summer. People want to come visit us. How cool is that :)

My mom comes next week, like a week from tomorrow. Dru's brother might be coming in June. And then my brother and Kyla (my brothers gf, and an all around great person) are coming in August.

I am so excited to be able to show people the little town that we live in. I am excited to have visitors. And we can go to the lake, or go to happy hour, or just sit and grill in the backyard and drink cold beverages while catching up.

Spring is beautiful here. Pretty flowers and pretty trees, and my husband finally mowed our yard yesterday. Which took at least an hour. Lots and lots of grass.

Sorry for the boring blog. Back to my call and some work before the lady dr.

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