Giveaways and cool stuff

A lot of bloggers have giveaways on their blogs. How do I get people to want to give me shit to give away?

I am not afraid to try most things, I had to say most so it would not bite me in the ass one day, when someone wanted me to try something that there was no way no how that it was going to happen.

Want to hear something ironic and slightly funny, to me at least?

Easter Sunday. I live in Minnesota, I laid in the hammock in the back yard and enjoyed the sunshine with my husband. After a lovely meal with my great friend/neighbor Lorayne and her family.

My parents and family, who live in California, by the ocean. GOT SNOW.....

HAHAHAHAHAHA...That was a little mean of me, but i still find it amusing.

I can't believe that it is Monday tomorrow. SO not ready. Since my weekend didn't even consist of anything productive.

Well except that we washed the sheets today. Because we (usually I) wash the sheets EVERY Sunday. I have a sort of "thing" about washing sheets. And STRONGLY believe that sheets MUST be washed once a week.

Pick your day, but just wash them every week on that day.

It is like my own little public service announcement. -WASH YOUR SHEETS-ONCE A WEEK-Brought to you by Erin, helping people become less stinky and get less icky sheet related rashes (okay just to clarify, I don't even know if those exist, but I am sure they do if you don't wash your damn sheets)

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